I Can Has Cheezburger?


Well, He SEEMS Honest Enough...

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Gathering Nuts has Never Been More Stressful

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This Squirrel is Nuts

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Everyone Likes Almond Butter

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They Almost Look Like They Are Playing a Harmonica

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If You Didn't Squee Over These LIttle Squirrels, You're Nuts

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Squirrel Plays With Red Ribbons

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That's Not The Area to Bury Your Nuts

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Created by anselmbe

Free Nuts

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Hungry Squirrel Vs. Bag

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Squirrel Attempts to Take Some Corn

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Staying Warm and Cute

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Squirrel Preparing a Jack-O-Latern

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Water Balloon Prank The Squirrel

Squirrel pops a balloon in a GIF loop. Seems there is some kind of gold fish in the balloon itself.
Created by Unknown

From The Top Turnbuckle

GIF of a sugar glider or some kind of flying squirrel that jumps from a turnbuckle mounted near the ceiling to the floor, gliding smoothly to where he wants to land.
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Squirrel Steals Food Dish

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Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )