I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of cat caring for baby squirrels | thumbnail image of mama cat with baby squirrels and kittens

Mama Cat Adopts Four Orphaned Baby Squirrels (Video)

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an adorable video of a squirrel getting adopted | thumbnail includes a photo of the pet squirrel looking cute

Lonely Baby Squirrel Steals Hearts After Adoption (Video)

So Inspiring!
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Criminally Dumb Criminal ruthf squirrel cute animals crime squirrels nuts animals - 16242693

Funny Squirrel Photos: Squirrels Who Did Crimes and Got Caught

Be squirrels do crime
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a video about a man who build an adorable holiday village for some squirrels

Man Builds Incredible Christmas Village For Squirrels (Video)

Acorn Heaven
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video of abandoned squirrel adopted by couple | thumbnail left squirrel with young human couple, thumbnail right squirrel eating corn

Baby Squirrel Sips Tea After Being Adopted (Video)

Squirrels are gosh darn cute, especially Alvin
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video of squirrel protecting cash register | thumbnail image of squirrel pushing away human hand in cash register, drawer of money

Feisty Squirrel Protects Jewelry Store Cash Register (Video)

Small but mighty
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photos of animals lying down flat on the ground like pancakes | thumbnail includes two photos of rabbits and elephant seals lying like this

Awwdorable Animals Lying Flat On The Ground Like Squishy Pancakes

Flat as a pancake!
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list about squirrels stealing strange kinds of food | thumbnail includes two photos of squirrels, one is holding a yellow Easter egg, the other is holding a carrot

Squirrels Eating Unique Things: Funny Photos Of Squirrels Going Wild

Is that a corndog?
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video of woman and squirrel | thumbnail left and right squirrel images

Woman Adopts Aggressive Special Needs Squirrel And Shows Him Love (Video)

Desmond the squirrel is quite the character! This lil squirrel was born with no hands, and as a part of his unfortunate birth defect, he is unable to shred nesting materials and needs care. That's when Amber comes into the picture. She had originally placed him in a foster home, but he became aggressive towards his foster mother and Amber understood that it was time for Desmond to come back to her direct care. Desmond chilled out a bit once he returned to Amber, refraining from his previous agg…
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story red squirrels 10 images | thumbnail squirrel close up with text foreground

Scottish Forests Could Save Red Squirrel From Extinction

We came across a story today that was both heartwarming and scientific! One of our favorite combinations when it comes to animal content. Let's learn a bit about how Scottish forests can save red squirrels from extinction! "Twenty forest strongholds in Scotland would save the red squirrel from extinction even if grey squirrels were to colonize the whole of Britain, according to research. Since their introduction from North America by Victorian enthusiasts, grey squirrels have pushed red squirre…
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instagram spotlight list 14 images of jill the squirrel | thumbnail left squirrel wearing crown with sign that says "yay," thumbnail right squirrel with big tail on pillow instagram icon and account on bottom left

Animal Instagram Spotlight: Jill The Squirrel

Pampered Pet Squirrel Steals This Week's Spotlight
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chonky squirrels who stole too many nuts | thumbnail two images of fat squirrels

Chonky Squirrels Who Stole Too Many Nuts

Cute squirrels who ate a little too much
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11 beautiful photos of squirrels in forests

11 Whimsical Photos of Squirrels in the Woods

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photography of woodland animals

Woodland Animals Straight from a Fairy Tale (12 Photos)

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pictures of baby squirrels thumbnail includes two pictures including a mom squirrel holding her baby and another of a baby squirrel wearing a sock sweater sleeping in someone's palm

Awwdorable Itty Bitty Baby Squirrels (Pictures)

Nothing but cuteness.
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platypuses glow under blacklight - thumbnail of platypuses glowing under blacklight

Platypuses Glow Under Blacklight For Some Unknown Reason

This is so cool
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