I Can Has Cheezburger?


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For All Those Who Ever Dreamed of Getting a Massage From a Snake

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Snakes Can Get Bored Too

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I'm Sure The Answer Is Just Right Under My Nose

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You're Hisss-terical

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Crocodile Dundee Approves

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Some Mechanics are a Bit Slippery

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I'll Just Hold it, Thanks

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How Could Saint Patrick Banish These Beauties From Ireland?!

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It's Ssssizzling!

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It'll Take FOREVER to Get These Knots Out!

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Now That's What I Call a Plumbing Snake!

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The Master Has Become the Student

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When Your Bite of Spaghetti is Too Big

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That Someone Also Likes to Take Pictures of Lettuce...

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Her Hair Loss with Raise Yours on the Back of Your Neck

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Something Tells me That's not Going to Help his Headaches...

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