I Can Has Cheezburger?


What a way to sit

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My cat, Remy, has sat like this since the day we brought him home.

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"Human, Are You Seeing This? Why Aren't You Helping?" -Cat, Probably

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What if Dogs Have Been Sitting Like Cows This Whole Time?

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photoshops of cat sitting weirdly on a step

Awkward Sitting Cat Gets Photoshopped Into Super Weird Situations

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floof vine sitting bucket Video - 79806209

If a Floof Fits, She Sits

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Don't Keep Me Waiting!

lap cat couch now human sitting planning - 8587585024
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If It Fits

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Now get Out of My Sunspot

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Go Bother the Dog, Human

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Dogs are People Too

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The Light is Green Human

car ride sitting - 8340614656
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You Really Think I'm Gonna Sit on...the Ground?!

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Hey, If I Fits, I Sits

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What do you THink You're Doing?

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