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Cat Loves Laying in the Sink, Even When the Water's Turned On

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If We Fits, We Sinks

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A Leaky Faucet Proves to Be the Best Toy for a Curious Sphinx Kitten

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Princess Refuses to Drink out of a Water Bowl

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sink purring Cats Video - 82917889

Garfield Gets Comfy in the Bathroom Sink and Can't Stop Purring

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drinking water vine sink Cats Video - 82619649

There's a Normal Way to Drink Water, and Then There's This Way

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She's always been drinking like this. Is she broken?

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Playful Cat Just Wants to Hang Out in the Sink All Day

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Not Everyone Can Handle Cinco de Meow

not everyone can handle cinco de meow
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Cat-atonic Kitten Seems More Like an Otter During Bath Time

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Some Things Never Change

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Might I Suggest The Bathtub?

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Turn On The Tap And Run

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Bathtime for Hedgehogs

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