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15 pictures of cats in sinks | thumbnail left and right cats in sinks

The Verdict Is In, Cats Love Sitting In Sinks- Here Are 15 Purrfect Pictures Proving Our Point

Sinks are for relaxing within
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15 pictures of cats in sinks | thumbnail left and right cats in sinks

15 Cool Calm & Collected Cats Comfortably Lounging In Sinks Of Ranging Size

They sure do look comfy
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15 pictures of cats in vets' office sinks | thumbnail three panels side by side images of cats in sink

Super Sneaky Cats Hiding In Various Sinks Around Their Vets' Offices In Protest

Laugh out loud
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14 images of cats in sinks | thumbnail left cat curled up in sink, thumbnail right black cat sitting up in sink staring at camera "cats in sinks"

Cool Cats Comfortably Relaxing In Their Kitchen Sinks

Sit back and relax
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15 screenshots from a Reddit discussion about a cat going into the tub after his human showers to sit and stare at dripping water | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black cat sitting in a bathtub and watching water drip from the faucet 'Whenever I get out of the shower, he comes in afterwards and just sits there for a bit getting his butt wet. Any idea why? they are calculating gravity Because cat.'

After Every Hooman Shower, Black Cat Gets In The Tub, Sits, Stares, And Wets His Bum A Little

We're sure he has his reasons
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pictures and posts about cats sitting in sinks thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a sink and a kitten in a sink 'Seems the sink is a little clogged? u/a_recoveringcatholic'

Cats And Their Weird Love For Sinks

Loveable weirdos being themselves.
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the fifth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about the bathroom from the perspective of a cat thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a sink with the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: The bathroom November 6, 2020 "Yes. They sit on the water bowl... Every single time they CANHAS CHEEZ RCER go into 'the chamber of water', I must join."'

Meowmoirs: November 6, 2020 The Bathroom

Or as Earnie calls it: the chamber of water. The fifth entry of Earnie's diary!
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funny video bath sink funny cats cat videos Cats Video - 92055041

Cat Enjoys a Bath In The Sink

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I Mostly Fits, I Mostly Sits

if i fits i sits sink Cats - 9015632128
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water sink Cats Video - 355079

Cat Loves Laying in the Sink, Even When the Water's Turned On

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If We Fits, We Sinks

sink Cats - 9006944512
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sink sphinx Cats Video - 83491585

A Leaky Faucet Proves to Be the Best Toy for a Curious Sphinx Kitten

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Princess Refuses to Drink out of a Water Bowl

sink Cats - 8987454208
Via evilqueenmarceline
sink purring Cats Video - 82917889

Garfield Gets Comfy in the Bathroom Sink and Can't Stop Purring

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drinking water vine sink Cats Video - 82619649

There's a Normal Way to Drink Water, and Then There's This Way

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She's always been drinking like this. Is she broken?

sink Cats - 8820916480
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