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list of text appreciating bosses who understand pet emergencies | thumbnail text "So glad my company is great about this as well. They all know that my dog is my baby, and he will come before anything else. Earlier this summer he actually broke a leash while we were hiking about 3 hours away from home and went missing for 16 hours. Thad people from work arranging to come out and help look for him, my boss telling me to now worry about work they will handle things until he is found "

Appreciation Post For Employers Who Respect Pet Emergencies

Best bosses ever
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imgur thread about rescuing a paralyzed stray cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of an injured cat 'Paralyzed Rescue Cat D*ldoDantes'

Thread: Heartwarming Rescue Of A Paralyzed And Injured Stray Cat

Everyone deserves love <3
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story about a feral kitten being rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a kitten '"We socialized her by using a toothbrush to brush her and talked to her. We watched as she slowly came out of her shell" - Tram'

A Rescued Feral Kitten Slowly Learns To Love Her Humans

Sometimes, it takes some time <3
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viral imgur thread about four sick and injured kittens getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of sick and injured kittens 'A friend called me "there's a tiny kitten there, alone and sick". Of course I came rushing, and the neighbours came out of there houses, handing me 3 more sick kittens from different litters... Knowyourcats'

Thread: Rescuing And Taking Care Of A Group Of Injured Kittens

Let's save some kittens <3
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imgur thread about a senior sick blind and deaf dog getting adopted | thumbnail includes two before and after pictures of a blind dog '15 years old, blind, deaf, heart disease, arthritic, skin infections, and her owner recently passed away. I had never really considered adding another dog to the family, but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about this one MrPuckett'

Thread: Senior, Blind, Deaf And Sick Dog Finds A Forever Home

Every pet deserves a home <3
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story about a stray sick kitten getting adopted and transforming into a gorgeous white cat | thumbnail includes two pictures including a sick stray cat and a fluffy white cat '"She was so pitiful to look at. Her skin was infected and wounded and she smelled very bad," - Nur Hamizah'

Wounded And Sick Stray Cat Gets Rescued And Completely Transforms

What a little love can do <3
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tweets about a minute changes and adoption senior and sick pets thumbnail includes a picture of a senior cat 'Vertebrate - Kristen @CripCamper2020 I went to adopt a kitten today. Instead I ended up adopting a 7 yr old chubby tub of love with sad eyes that were begging for a mommy. It was love at first sight. I can't wait to bring him home and spoil him silly. Meet Eli. 3:35 AM Jan 14, 2021 - Twitter for Android 2.4K Retweets 489 Quote Tweets 63.6K Likes'

People Tweet About Changing Their Minds And Adopting A Senior Pet At The Last Second

Sometimes, they just paw their way right into your heart.
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stray cat brings kittens to vet - thumbnail of stray cat with kitten and then vet with kitten

Stray Cat In Turkey Brings Her Sick Kittens To Vets For Help

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viral imgur thread about a cat with cancer turning 13 thumbnail includes two pictures of a calm looking cat '"She lost a front leg to cancer in 2017 and I found a similar tumor in her other front leg. Thankfully, it's not growing as fast and doesn't seem to bother her as much... Happy birthday Goobs!" - ReluctantGenius'

Three-Legged Senior Cat That Has Cancer Celebrates 13th B-day (Viral Thread)

Such a strong kitty <3
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adoption story of a sick kitten | His proposed bill came to a little over $800, his owners opted to just pay for the exam and leave. I got the feeling they didn't really care for his well being, and so I made them an offer: let me have him, and I would take care of him like he was m own. The accepted

Neglected Sick Kitten Finds New Forever Home (Viral thread)

From neglect to the most caring and loving home.
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story about a dog who was given 6 months to live getting adopted and getting healthier thumbnail includes two pictures including a sick dog and another of a happy dog

Senior Dog Given Six Months To Live Gets Adopted And Is Living His Best Life Now

"Everyone he meets a friend-in-waiting 😊"
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cats istanbul sick kitten ER emergency room turkey mom mother love trust | r/aww Posted by u/belkigeliryarin 20 hours ago Istanbul stray cat mom took her baby ER. Doctors and paramedics helped baby and took them vet | mama cat carrying a kitten by its scruff inside a hospital

Stray Cat In Istanbul Takes Sick Kitten To The ER For Help

A mother's love
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aww baby panda cute Office sick Video - 95876097

When Your Baby Panda Is Sick And You Bring Him To Work With You

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friendship heartwarming girls sick Cats - 7414277

This Heartwarming Story Of a Girl And Her Feline Best Friend Is Purr-fect For Christmas Day

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Mini horse therapy animal visits kids in the hospital

"Hope" The Miniature Horse, Visits Children in California Hospital To Brighten Their Day

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born story sick Cats - 6183173

Happy Monty Was Born With a Feline Down Syndrome And He Is Just Pawsome!

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