I Can Has Cheezburger?


Hoomans are crazy.

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And I say to you sir

wet revenge captions shower bath soap wish Cats - 6769152768
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Bet You Think Your Pun's Real Funny Now, Huh?

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Owl Shower

annoyed attempt frustrated hose Owl rain shower - 6563332608
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cute happy manatee playing shower swimming Video water - 41784065

Animal Videos: Cute Manatee Enjoys a Shower

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Ai jus doan unnerstandz it

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I Has A Hotdog: False Advertising

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Uh, Oh.....

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Snail Shower

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Lolcats: Next I glue da batroom door shut so you know bring me here.

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Lame Excuse

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Animal Gifs: Privacy Please

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Seriously Now?

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Awkward bulldog shower - 6251004416
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Classic LOLcat

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