I Can Has Cheezburger?


They May Have Gotten a Bit Too Social

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Taking a Shower Is Great, Especially When You're as Thirsty as This Cat

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If "Psycho" Were Made Today...

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I Can't Nap Under These Conditions

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So This Is Why Cats Don't Like Showers

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Ice Cold Stare, For an Ice Cold Monster

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Your Choice of Shower Cap Leaves a Great Deal to be Desired

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Dachshund Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

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This Humming Bird Takes the Most Refreshing Shower in the Rain

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When You Don't Have Time to Blow Dry

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What?! A Kiss is a Kiss!

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Would He Rather Take a Bath?

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You Can't See Me

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Bath Time is the Best!

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...And I Get Away With It!

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