I Can Has Cheezburger?


Ever heard that men think about every 7 seconds, or 8,000 times a day! Well that's false. Men actually think about sex 19 times a day and women 10 according to current research/ Sex is something that binds us, penetrates us.... wait what? Anyways, Sex and sex memes, gifs, and everything to do with sex is all you'll find here and much more.

Super Virgin

FAIL historic lols sex sexy test - 5172336640
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Oh, You and Your "Come Hither" Glances...

animals balls Cats I Can Has Cheezburger ready sex waiting - 5171726592
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Slow Down! Slow Down! What Was Step One Again?

butts cell phones confused dancing girls guys help sex sexy - 5122853632
By Unknown

"Begging": A One-Act Play by Richard Gere's Gerbil

begging dirty I Can Has Cheezburger mice please rodents sex - 5115524352
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Seven Adorable Regrets

animals birth Cats condoms drinking drunk I Can Has Cheezburger litter regrets sex - 5073980160
By sassyredhead92

The Postman Always Knocks Twice

butts historic lols innuendo men scared sex women - 5075102720
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I've Never Seen One Like That Before!

dirty fence gross hole I Can Has Cheezburger sex - 5070714880
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Thanks for the Fun. Now, Collect Your Salmon and Get Out, Please...

alcohol animals bears historic lols morning sex - 5049979136
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I Want Your Seeds in My Mouth Right Now

animals I Can Has Cheezburger lemurs sex tonight watermelon - 5038935552
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Captions Are Always Needed Here

gay jon stewart politicians Pundit Kitchen sex - 5046821376
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Take Us Out for a Nice Dinner?

Cats I Can Has Cheezburger politics sex shocked - 5039081728
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Did You Enjoy Yourself, Hairbrush?

animals brush doesnt matter hedgehogs I Can Has Cheezburger sex - 5046254848
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boring caption captioned cat Cats confused displeased doing it right Hall of Fame hypothetical if sex - 4464308992
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caught caught in the act friends goggies goggies r owr friends Interspecies Love naughty sex - 4391231488
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Malcolms first date

caption captioned date dating dirty lick monkeys sex - 4309449984
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Technically, Wouldn't This Be a Moresome? *LEGIT QUESTION, Y'ALL*

bondage historic lols sex sexy time - 5389611008
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