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Ever heard that men think about every 7 seconds, or 8,000 times a day! Well that's false. Men actually think about sex 19 times a day and women 10 according to current research/ Sex is something that binds us, penetrates us.... wait what? Anyways, Sex and sex memes, gifs, and everything to do with sex is all you'll find here and much more.

Tweets about falcon copulation hats for helping them breed and extracting sperm

True Fact: Falcon Breeders Wear Special "Sex Hats" In Order To Breed Them

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weird facts about animal's sex lives

21 Mind Blowing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Fascinating Sex Lives Of Animals

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sex news endangered species giant tortoise trending turtle Video - 82545409

Saved By Sex of the Day: Diego the Tortoise Probably Gets Laid More Than You Do

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Don't Mind Me. Continue.

Awkward cat gifs KISS love sex stare watch - 6095133440
sex romance love snail Video true facts - 47384321

Have You Ever Wanted to Learn WAY TOO MUCH About Land Snail Romance?

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Well, When a Mommy and a Daddy Love Each Other Very Much...

sex stork comic - 6972509952
Via Liz Climo

Aw, man! I thought you were gonna tell me about sex 'n stuff!

sex child talk captions parent Cats - 6815729408
See all captions Created by mamawalker

Dream Big

cow gifs hump love sex - 6478211072

No, really. Don't say that.

Awkward marriage sex - 6175007488
See all captions Created by wuxie

Lolcats: Yea

balls Cats forever alone harbles lolcats sex single - 6218171136
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We can't air this!

Awkward film romance sex wild - 6228392704
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Animal Memes: Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy - Need a Cigarette Afterwards

best Memes Ridiculously Photogenic P sex - 6102896640
See all captions Created by clofff

Outdoor display not suitable

grass lawn lolcat offended sex - 6102921728
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Animal Memes: Scumbag Cat - His Human Won't Pay Kitten Support

kitten lies Memes neutered pregnant Scumbag Cat scumbags sex - 6002321408
See all captions Created by TheBlicr

Lolcats: this doesnt concern you...

cat Cats fight Hall of Fame human lolcat people sex walk - 6070396928
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boston terrier gifs humping love Pokémon sex wtf - 6060732672
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