I Can Has Cheezburger?


world flu save humanity science llamas - 7078405

Scientists Say Llamas Could Help Save The World From The Flu And People Love The Idea

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kangaroo saved from drowning

Australian Police Rescued a Drowning Kangaroo At The Beach

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tips pets car save safety - 6130181

What You Should Do If You See a Dog in a Parked Car

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tips life hacks save Cats money Video - 91941377

7 Awesome Cat Hacks To Help You Save Some Money

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clinic save boat Video animals couple - 89619969

Meet The Couple Who Sails Around The World Saving Animals

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save animals - 4466437

10 Animals Who Are So Grateful For The People Who Saved Them

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save deer Video animals - 77100033

This Deaf Man's Story of Saving a Deer From an Icy Death Will Warm Your Heart

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But MOM, You Can't Save in the Middle of Battle

Pokémon video game save - 7168553472
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Oh Yeah. Help!

tigers water swimming save mistake - 6682720512
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dont worry firefighter

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Won't Someone Save Them?

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Nope. Not Weird At All.

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Via Pleated Jeans


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Aw you're so thoughtful...

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It's a 2012

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Plz no

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