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tumblr thread about a cat who saved a baby from freezing thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a baby and one of a cat in a box 'This baby boy was found with a bag containing baby food and diapers on a cold winter night in Obninsk, Russia. Masha the cat, saved the baby's life by curling around him and shielding him from below freezing temperatures.'

Tumblr Thread: Cat Saves Freezing Baby, Curling Up Around It And Screaming For Help

An unlikely hero <3
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viral tweets about Finland attempting to save reindeer by painting their antlers | thumbnail includes two pictures of reindeer with painted antlers and a tweet 'Light - Cullen Dudas ... @cullend TIL in Finland they use to have about 4,000 reindeer/ car accidents a year so they paint their antlers with reflective paint and this is vaguely terrifying macl 1:09 AM · Jul 11, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 49.9K Retweets 5,300 Quote Tweets 322.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Finland Attempts To Save Reindeer Using Reflective Paint

Right out of a metal album cover.
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story about a man who saves cats in the Fukushima nuclear zone thumbnail includes a picture of a Japanese man lying on the floor next to a cat

Man Saves The Forgotten Cats At The Fukushima's Nuclear Zone

For over a decade, he has stayed behind.
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viral twitter thread about a woman resurrecting a bird with her boobs thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Summer Heacock @Fizzygrrl Help Twitter plz help i found a bird dead, floating in the water bin we leave out for our raccoons and it was in there 20+ minutes the kids begged me to save it so i put wrapped it up and put it in my shirt for fast warming an hour later guys help my tits resurrected a bird 5:05 AM - Mar 12, 2021 - Twitter Web App 6,527 Retweets 4,405 Quote Tweets 36.3K Likes'

Woman Resurrects A Bird With Her Breasts (Viral Twitter Thread)

Not moving for an hour and then... miracle.
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story about wombats saving other animals by letting them drink from their waterholes thumbnail includes two pictures of wombats

Wombats Are Saving Other Animals From The Drought in Australia By Digging Craters

Hero wombats.
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video of a man helping a parakeet egg hatch and taking care of the newborn parakeet thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny egg inside of a match box and a newborn parakeet

Helping To Hatch And Rescuing A Tiny Parrot (Video)

Kindness with nothing in return.
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Story about a dog saving her owner's life from an oncoming car thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog lying on its back and another of a dog in a rescue vest

Previously Abused Dog Saves New Owner, Dragging Her Away From Oncoming Car

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story of firefighters coming to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree but the kitten jumps off on its own and climbs up another tree thumbnail includes two pictures of a kitten in a tree and a firefighter reaching out to catch it but it jumps off on its own

Firefighters To Rescue Feisty Kitten Stuck In Tree, It Jumps Down On Its Own

...rescue unnecessary LOL (no injuries sustained)
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story about a homeless man running into a burning animal shelter and rescuing all of the animals inside it thumbnail includes two pictures of a black homeless man with two rescued dogs

Homeless Man Rescues All Animals From A Burning Shelter

An incredible hero.
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story about a feral blind kitten getting reunited with his half-blind cat brother thumbnail includes a picture of a blind ginger kitten and a half-blind ginger cat

Blind Feral Kitten Reunited With His Half-Blind Brother

"The brothers instantly recognised each other"
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collection of stories of rescued animals and their rescuers thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a gunshot wound and another of an owl with singed wings

Heroes Of The Month: Celebrating Rescued Animals And Their Rescuers (November 2020)

Showing some love and appreciation for our heaters!
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story about a parrot who saved his owner from a housefire by calling the owner's name thumbnail includes one picture of a man sitting and holding a parrot with firefighters in the background

Parrot Saves Owner's From Fire By Calling Owner's Name

Sometimes, it's the animals who save us...
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story about the return of the tasmanian devil back into the mainland of Australia after 3000 years thumbnail includes two pictures including a Tasmanian devil with its mouth open screeching and another of two Tasmanian devils walking around

Tasmanian Devil Is Back In Mainland Australia After 3000 Years

The devil returns just in time for Halloween month
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save dad stuffed toy - 7619589

When Your Dad Is Determined To Save Your Dog's Favorite Stuffed Toy

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This Video Of a Dog Saving a Cat Is All You Need Today

Via Acid cow
seals save cliff angry rescue - 7078661

A Fisherman Had To Be Rescued From a Cliff After Being Chased By a Colony Of Angry Seals

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