I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of rescued lion cub | thumbnail left image of lion cub with cone, thumbnail right lion cub lying down

Fiercely Feline: Orphaned Mountain Lion ‘Rose’ Becomes Social Media Darling (Video)

Yaaas Rose, live
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16 screenshots from a Twitter thread about cats that found their own humans | Thumbnail includes a picture of a stray kitten 'Look what I found outside all alone, by my cat food dishes and in the cat bed I have by the outside cat houses. I guess I have a new kitten'

Short Stories Of Cats That Took Things Into Their Own Paws And Found Their Own Hoomans

Cats taking control of their own destinies
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collection of wholesome mom themed cat memes | thumbnail includes two memes including a cat surrounded by hearts 'Cat - SENDING LOVE Quick reminder that you're important, loved, and deserving of happiness. Citrine believes in you XOXO' and a mom looking lovingly at a bunch of cats 'Smile - My parents were having a rough time so l invited them over to play with my five foster kittens. This is my new favorite photo of my mom'

Wholesome Cat Memes My Mom Sent Me This Week After She Rescued A New Kitten

Wholesome wholesome and more wholesome.
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video of a baby whale mistaking a boat for another whale and its mom coming to rescue it | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby whale next to a boat and a diver

Baby Whale Mistakes Boat For Mother, She Comes To Rescue Her Baby (Video)

Whales are actually amazing.
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21 photos of before and after rescued pets | Thumbnail includes a before and after of rescued brown labrador 'The first time I saw him and two years later...he's my soul dog.'

Power Of Love: 21 Before And After Photos Of Pets That Got A Second Chance (April 12, 2022)

We're back with another Power of Love segment!
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video of a kookaburra cuddling with a human | thumbnail includes a picture of a kookaburra sitting on a person

Woman Rescues Wild Kookaburra, It Jumps On Her For Some Cuddles (Video)

We want a tiny Kookaburra friend too.
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16 screenshots of a funny Reddit thread about two dogs mating | Thumbnail includes screenshots from reddit thread 'My only uneutered female rescue managed to sneak into the only intact male's kennel. Just kill me now, I'm done, I've been on a purge neutering every last one of my intact dogs recently. Only had two left, a young male that was initially crossed from the list due to severe malnutrition ( he's better now and has his operation scheduled) and a slightly older female going through'

Fruitful Female Rescue Dog Travels 60M To Do The Deed In The Doghouse

A match made in heaven
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original story about a bobcat kitten getting mistaken for a house cat and getting adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures including a bobcat peeking from behind a tree and a bobcat stretching on a log

Abandoned Bobcat Kitten Mistaken As Housecat, Gets Rescued, Starts Acting Like One Anyways

A cat will be a cat.
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posts of animals newly adopted this week | thumbnail includes a picture of a white cat with different colored eyes 'This is Vienna; I brought her home from the shelter about a week ago. She’s between 10-12 years old and was surrendered by a previous owner. The shelter told me she kept getting passed up because of her age, and I just couldn’t leave her there. I already love her so much it hurts. u/Plus-College-9155'

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (18 Images)

Adopt, don't shop.
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Video story about a deaf dog that got adopted by two dads | Thumbnail includes one of the dads hugging the deaf dog 'and the rest is pretty much history.'

Forgotten About Deaf Dog Gets Rescued By Two Loving Dads (Video)

We love a flourishing underdog
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original story about a fox getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures including a fox smiling at the camera and a fox standing on a log

Abandoned Fox Gets Rescued And Beats Medical Odds, Now Enjoys Stimulating Activities

Because all kinds of animals need help sometimes.
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16 screenshots from a subreddit about a story of an abused dog showing signs of trust towards new owner | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of the title of reddit post and part of reddit post 'The depth of dogs' trust blows me away, I never had dogs before these two. The depth of that little dog's trust in me touched me so much I can't explain it. Like, this is a living creature, one who's had a whole life before me that I'll never know about. I suspect abuse, as he and his sister are terrified'

Heartwarming Story Of Abused Dog Showing First Signs Of Trust With New Hooman

Dogs deserve all the love in the world
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video of dog being rescued from fast waters | thumbnail image of dog and zoomed out image of dog in water highlighted by red circle

Doggo Amazingly Rescued By Swift Water Response Team After Multiple Failed Attempts (Video)

Thank goodness Scooby is safe
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story about five newborn kittens getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of tiny white kittens

Five Newborn Kittens With Their Umbilical Cords Still Attached Get Rescued And Find Warm Forever Home

The best surprise ever <3
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story about a kitten coming up to a woman's porch and getting adopted by a cat | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten looking through a door into a house and another of a kitten and a cat looking at one another through a glass door

Kitten Comes Up To Porch Door, Wanting To Get Inside, Ends Up Getting Adopted By Another Cat

They have been chosen.
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story about a stray cat getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a sick-looking cat

Awwdorable Tabby Cat Survives Street Life, Seeks Simple Living Indoors

It's time to be adopted <3
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