I Can Has Cheezburger?


a list of photos of cute pet rats just before Halloween | thumbnail includes two photos of rats, one is inside of a jack o' lantern and one is eating a pumpkin

Rat-ically Cute Rats Just In Time For Halloween

Rats are seriously under-rat-ed.
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video of acrobatic rat climbing wash line | thumbnail left and right rat climbing on washing line side by side

Acrobatic Rat Climbs Washing Line For Food

Hungry Rat Finds Creative Way To Secure Food
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story about a rat stealing a cat's GPS tracker and sending the owner on a wild chase thumbnail includes two pictures including a man holding a cat and a map with lines drawn over it

Rat Steals Cat's GPS Collar, Sends Owner On A Wild Chase

"I thought I was going mad."
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bean the rat gets a real bed to sleep on and loves it - thumbnail of happy rat tucked in to bed

Bean The Rat Gets Real Bed, Immediately Snoozes (Video)

Life is good for Bean
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heroic rat who sniffed out 39 landmines awarded medal of bravery - thumbnail of rat sniffing out landmines

Hero Rat Awarded Medal Of Bravery For Sniffing Out Landmines

Meet Magawa
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rats cats fighting watching waiting animals video viral weird wtf strange unusual

Cat Silently Watches As Two Rats Fight (Video)

This is so odd
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Photos of rats in Hammocks | cute little grey ray wearing an orange knitted hat tied around its neck looking out from a hammock made from a soft blue blanket

Photos Of Rats in Hammocks Is The Best Way To Celebrate World Rat Day

Rats in Hammocks
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rats funny memes tweets animals | sio @bestinsio subway rat made eye contact with and said "join us train comes slide under tracks and feel rumble over us like warm thunderstorm live forever and love live said no thank am too large he turned away cried | Damn kind conditioner she use?

Rat Pack: Where Quality Meets Sewage (29 Rat Memes)

Oh rats!
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rats rat best worst ratirement care rescue animals naughty funny lol cute | Rachie's Ratirement Home's Best and Worst Rat Week Best! Worst! Mary Bear Pretended be pregnant so her foster carer spoiled her month Is soft and warm like mashed potato

Ratirement Home Displays "Best And Worst Rat Of The Week"

Cong-RATS to the best of the week!
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funny mouse memes

It’s Mouse Day: These Memes Will Change Your Mind About Them

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cute rats in tiny beds and pajamas

Woman Creates Tiny Mattresses For Rats Including Matching Pajamas

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New Study Shows Rats Can Learn To Drive Tiny Cars To Collect Food

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rats funny comics web comics - 9429253

The Daily Routine Of Two Co-Workers Rats Working in a Big Corporation (Comics)

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rats teddy bears miniature

17 Rats Cuddling Miniature Teddy Bears.. That's All.

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Drinking Rats

Police in India find rat that drank a bunch of alcohol
Via I waste so much time
life rats animation humanity Video rodents - 97507329

The Animated Story Of a Rodent's Unrelenting Quest For Happiness And Fulfillment In This Modern World

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