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Maybe Rats Don't Deserve All the Bad Press They Get

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The Smashing Ratkins

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Created by kenbaker

No Thanks, I'd Rather Not

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Interspecies Love: Cat Show Rat Some Love

gif rats Interspecies Love Cats - 7130526976
Via Bunny Food

Snack Time and Nap Time Can Coincide

cute food rats sleeping - 8430809856
Via Basil and Dawson

Do You Mind? I'm Eating!

rats gifs surprise reactions - 8387702272
Created by beernbiccies

A Taste of Your Own Menaces

rats revenge trap human - 8376855808
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Rats are Bad Influence

Cats cookies kitten guilty rats - 8235698944
See all captions Created by furrgetmenot

Rats! That's My Spirit Animal?

rats shadow Cats funny - 8211111680
Via Rosewolf

Now We Hate Beets Too

rats prank - 8211136768
Via Heather Harmon

The is Named Link

rats food chain Cats - 7543970560
See all captions Created by RustyBucket

Any How Many Bars Keep You in?

rats cage sarcasm - 7913074176
See all captions Created by toddlorenz

What a Disgrace in the Cat World...

steal rats gifs Cats funny - 8160049920
Created by beernbiccies

Sometimes You Just Have to Think Outside the Box...

Funny GIF of a cute little mouse running circles around his running wheel, which is not the way you are supposed to use it, but certainly gets the job done.
Created by beernbiccies

I'll Save You!

rats gifs cute rescue - 8036989184
Created by kiwiangel

Genius Rat Trap!

rats gifs funny - 8056021504