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twitter thread about rats encountering people | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - skenny @Polokenny ... For the first time in my nyc career, a rat tried to climb up my leg. I appreciate thoughts, prayers and privacy during this time of self evaluation and grief. Thank you. 5:24 AM - Mar 11, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 17.6K Retweets 4,654 Quote Tweets 245.1K Likes'

Shudder-Inducing Rat Encounter Stories From New York: Twitter Thread

We're sending our thoughts and prayers.
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story about a rat stealing a cat's GPS tracker and sending the owner on a wild chase thumbnail includes two pictures including a man holding a cat and a map with lines drawn over it

Rat Steals Cat's GPS Collar, Sends Owner On A Wild Chase

"I thought I was going mad."
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bean the rat gets a real bed to sleep on and loves it - thumbnail of happy rat tucked in to bed

Bean The Rat Gets Real Bed, Immediately Snoozes (Video)

Life is good for Bean
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heroic rat who sniffed out 39 landmines awarded medal of bravery - thumbnail of rat sniffing out landmines

Hero Rat Awarded Medal Of Bravery For Sniffing Out Landmines

Meet Magawa
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rat darius art painting

Art Student Taught Her Pet Rat To Paint With His Feet

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rat memes for world rat day

It's World Rat Day And These Memes Will Totally Change Your Mind About Them

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Chunky Rat Stuck in Manhole

Firefighters Got An Unusual Call About a Chunky Rat Who Got Stuck Halfway in a Sewer Manhole

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rat - 6713605

Rat Sets Off Fire Alarm In An Apartment Building And Causes An Evacuation

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cops rat scare lol Video mouse - 86017793

Cop Gets So Startled by a Mouse, He Almost Calls for Backup

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rat stealing pets money Video thief - 346119

Sneaky Rat Steals a Dollar Then Quickly Hoards It Away in Her Cheese Fund

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To Understand the Banana, You Must Become the Banana

rat banana peel mouse - 8999511552
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rat escalator Subway Video - 84364289

This Subway Rat Trying to Go Down an up Escalator Is All of Us

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Whatcha Thinkin' About?

rat cute - 8997209088
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Marty, the Pet Rat, Gives His Human a Lick

pet rat gives his human a lick
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rat chase Cats Video - 80275457

The Tables Have Turned for This Cat Getting Chased By a Rat

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rat lettuce eating Video - 77108993

Pizza Rat Resolutions: Eat Healthier In New Year

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