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Reader Squees: Just Hangin' Out

pet rat reader squees - 4339472384
Created by NinieAlucard

Reader Squees: Five O'Clock Shadow

pets rat reader squees whiskers - 6055584256
Created by hcornelius

Reader Squees: Handful of Ashie

dumbo pet rat reader squees - 4389093376
Created by cltrecartin

Readers Squees: Ready for Squee!!

pets rat reader squees - 6149637888
Created by kthayer

Reader Squees: Eww! Ewwww!

afraid cat friends pets rat reader squees - 6038233088
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Thor's Bum Wheels

doctor pet rat reader squees vet - 6038238976
Created by Unknown


adventure dragon fantasy imagination pretend rat ride - 6000126208
See all captions Created by vandle89

Who's Da Boss?

bite nose rat rats - 5921057024
Created by Danoz

Reader Squees: Practicin' Mah Chords

Music rat reader squees toy - 5882123776
Created by rocket-taco

Huge Rat

best of the week cat dalmatian Hall of Fame rat story - 5843542016
See all captions Created by AkiNoHoshi9

Reader Squees: Rodential Bath Time

bath bath time bathing rat reader squees rodent - 5848547840
Created by Unknown

Reader Squees: Iduna Goes Horseback-Riding

horse model natural rat reader squees riding sport - 5804443904
Created by peacehorses

Spoiled Rat

adorable animals rat sleeping teddy bear - 5713177856
See all captions Created by akaRatLady

Reader Squees: 'Who Goes There??'

do want food fort looking question rat reader squees waiting - 5763685376
Created by Unknown

Acting Like Animals: A Perfect Disguise

acting like animals bee costume disguise dressed up goal Hall of Fame honey perfect rat - 5743491328
Via Laura Hoffmann

Reader Squees: Rat Baby Rhiannon.

baby fit hand holding itty bitty palm rat reader squees small - 5728832768
Created by 100nettie