I Can Has Cheezburger?


an assortment of adorable dog valentines day cards | thumbnail includes two cards with text saying 'Such love very heart To: From:' 'I labradore u'

Doggy Valentines: Pawdorable Cards To Send To Your Loved Ones

Be My Dog?
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puppy bowl tiktoks are going viral before the game on Sunday

Animal Planet Is Providing a Sneak Peak into this Year's Puppy Bowl Players and It's Adorable

Team Ruff vs Team Fluff—it's a ruff debate on who will be the winners this year. One things for sure about both teams, however, and it's that they're all so heckin' cute!
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a video where puppies predict who will win the superbowl | thumbnail includes text saying 'PUPPIES PREDICT THE SUPERBOWL'

Puppies Predict The Super Bowl Winner (Video)

So Cute!
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people change lyrics of popular songs to be about their dogs, viral trend on tiktok

New Viral TikTok Trend Has Dog-Owners Sharing Silly Songs They Make Up for Their Pets

Hear some of the classic top hit songs being changed to be about a cute little pupper.
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photos that a man took of his dog panko every day | thumbnail includes two photos of panko the dog, one where he is looking out of a car window

Man Takes Photo Of His Dog Every Day For A Year

What Like It's Hard?
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a video of a woman complimenting dogs in New York | thumbnail includes three dogs and text saying 'you have such pretty eyes!'

We Decided To Compliment Dogs On The Street (Video)

Such a beautiful boy!
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Sleepy Puppies Trending on TikTok Right Now

Have Sweet Dreams to 15 of the Most Recent Sleepiest Viral-Worthy Puppies on TikTok

We dove deep into sleepy puppy TikTok to get you the newest of the cutest sleepiest lil floofs. These pups are so peaceful and content, it just might cure your seasonal depression.
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Deaf dog thinks she's barking, goes extremely viral on tiktok

Deaf Dog Thinking She's Barking Goes Viral with Over 20 Million Views on TikTok & Verified Dog Accounts Flood the Comment Section

How is this silent barking so friggin' cute??
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super cute before and after photos of animals that were adopted | thumbnail includes two before and after photos of a rescued doggo

Before And After Adoption Glowups

The power of love!
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Chihuahua goes viral on TikTok for crying like a humanbaby

TikTok of a Dramatic Chihuahua Crying Like a Literal Human Baby is Going Viral

Cute, but also kind of demonic…
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a cute photoshop battle of a dog playing in the snow | thumbnail includes two photos of the dog photoshopped into different scenarios

Derpy Dog Catching Snowball Becomes Photoshopped Internet Celeb

Doggo power!
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a woman is asked to lean into being a dog mom and refuses | thumbnail includes text saying 'I don't want to do this. I love my dog, but he isn't a kid, and I cringe when Simon describes me as my dog's mom. I don't want to give my (allergic, has not met my dog!) mom a calendar of my dog. How do I tell him to stop it, without hurting his feelings too bad?'

Woman Pressured By Family To Treat Dog Like Child Refuses: Reddit Family Feud

Fur baby or just a pet?
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Cute toddler is upset because his dog won't let him eat his toe beans

Video of a Toddler Upset That His Dog Won't Let Him "Eat Her Toe Beans" Is Going Viral on TikTok

The dog looks into the camera with eyes that say, “that's heckin' right.”
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Dog giving side eye goes viral on tiktok

This Viral Dog on TikTok Gives a Disapproving Look Every Time His Pug Brother Is Being Annoying

He's like, “control your child, dad."
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Viral TikTok of dog in hoodie getting saved and has an emotional reunion with owner

Emotional Video of Woman Getting Reunited with Her Deceased Daughter's Lost Dog Is Going Viral on TikTok

The 5-part sage is the most wholesome story.
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Two stray dogs are best friends, one is pregnant and got hit by a car, Tiktok goes viral of woman saving the pup couple.

3 Part TikTok Goes Viral of Woman Rescuing a Pregnant Stray Hit by a Car and Her Loyal Friend Who Won't Leave Her Side

The two dogs are now off the streets, but not out of the woods—rescuing isn't easy.
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