I Can Has Cheezburger?


posts about people falling in love with the pets they didn't want | thumbnail includes a picture of a man cuddling a dog and the caption 'BREAKING: Man who didn't want a dog requests to be used as dog pillow'

13 Photos Of People Who 'Didn't Want A Pet' Eating Their Words

They did a 180.
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a list of tweets about dogs wearing sweaters | thumbnail include two pictures of a dog in an orange sweater and text 'I would die for this dog and the sweater'

Good Boys All Bundled Up And Ready For Sweater Season

Bow wow!
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an explanation of what sploofing is and a ton of photos of pets sploofing | thumbnail includes a cat sploofing and text 'What the hell?'

All About Splooting: The Funny Pose Pets Do To Cool Off

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17 photos of adorable Samoyed dogs | thumnbnail includes two photos, one of three samoyed dogs walking, and one of a couple with their dog lying on his back

Samoyed Appreciation Post: 16 Photos Of Absolute Fluffers

Land cloud appreciation post.
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video of golden retriever being introduced to puppies | thumbnail left and right golden retriever with puppies

Golden Retriever Meets Puppies For The First Time (Video)

Grand introduction of the wholesome variety
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compilation and roundup of funny animal memes and tweets for October | thumbnail includes a photo of two dogs and the caption 'September 20th vs October 1st'

Fresh And Fun Animal Medley For October

Fall is officially here
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funny tweets and photos of dogs in pumpkin costumes/ enjoying pumpkin patches | thumbnail includes two photos of a dog with pumpkins and the text 'b Everyone enjoy my pumpkin spice dog for the 1st day of fall'

Puppers 'N Pumpkins: Pawdorable Pictures of Dogs Ready For Halloween

It's October 1st, which means it's almost everyone's favorite holiday ⁠— Halloween. Nothing says fall, and Halloween, like pumpkins. Since September, doggos and kitties have been enjoying fall , and playing in the autumn leaves. That includes every kind of awwdorable animal, from cats chilling out and enjoying fall , to dogs frolicking around in the cold air. But Halloween is truly the time of year when pumpkins, and animals who love pumpkins, get to thrive. From adorable tiny bats to cute cats…
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Dogs posing together for family photos in nature| thumbnail includes doggos playing together and posing for photos

Iconic Photos of Good Boys On A Walk

Every squad needs to take photos when they're looking fresh, even a squad of doggos. That's where Steven Watson, a photographer and dog walker, comes in. Steven documents the walks he takes with his good boys on his instagram and twitter pages, and the results are amazing. Photos with your pets can sometimes turn out a little awkward , but in Steven's photos, the dogs sit nice and casual, clearly they woke up like this! These photos, taken all across Boston, Massachusetts, capture a day in the …
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Pictures of dogs who are stuck in various places and cannot get out | thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog stuck in a hedge and a closeup of a dog's face

Dogs Who Are Stuck And Don’t Know Why

A dog’s life can be pretty ruff.
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25 images of puppy sleeping on its back | thumbnail left puppy sleeping on floor on back, thumbnail right puppy sleeping with legs and arms stretched out

Puppy Loves Sleeping On His Back All Over The House

Sleepy Pup
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33 images of dog parents and puppies | thumbnail left parent-pup duo with beady eyes, thumbnail right parent dog embracing puppy

Awwmazing Series Of Doggo Parents And Pups (Pictures)

Multiple Generations Of Canine Cuteness
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15 images of sleeping puppies | thumbnail left puppy sleeping on blue couch, thumbnail right puppy sleeping in food bowl

15 Smol Sleepy Puppies Mid Snooze (Pictures)

Teeny Weeny And Sleepy
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viral thread about a dog giving birth to 9 puppies | thumbnail includes two pictures of a mom dog with puppies 'Momma did it and gave birth to 9 fuzzbutts!!! tobeornottobeme'

Most Awwmazing Momma Gives Birth To 9 Puppies (Viral Threads)

Difficult but successful <3
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15 images of smiling dogs | thumbnail left small dog running through flowers and grass, thumbnail right smiling fluffy dog looking up sitting in grass

Post Walk Endorphins: Doggo Glow

Happy Doggos After Some Exercise
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list of dog toys for aggressive and anxious dogs and puppies | thumbnail includes two pictures of dog toys from Amazon

Best Dog Toys For Aggressive And Anxious Pooches

Need to help them out <3
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list of sleeping puppies | thumbnail is two images of sleeping puppies side by side

Sleeping Beauties, Tired Pups After A Longgg Rufff Day

Sleepy Puppies That Love To Cuddle
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