I Can Has Cheezburger?


a cute and awwdorable Twitter thread of dog photos | thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'It's time, I can feel it, it's the for a puppy parade!'

Welcome To The Puppy Parade: Wholesome Dog Photos

A little paw-k me up.
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photos of dogs celebrating a Nepali festival called Kukur tidier | thumbnail includes two photos of dogs celebrating

'Day Of The Dog': Photos From The Festival Of Kukur Tihar

Doggo Appreciation
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14 dog memes | thumbnail includes a meme saying 'my dog does this every time we set the table and I cannot stress enough how much I respect her optimism'

A Rufftastic Dog Meme Dump For Some Extra Chillaxing This Weekend

Pure pawsitivity.
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funny tweets about dogs trying to eat human food | thumbnail includes two memes saying 'When my dog doesn't get to eat my entire pad thai.' and 'when my cat doesn't get to eat my vegan pizza'

Funny Pets Upset Over Not Getting To Eat Hooman Food

No human food for you!
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article with information about how to keep your pets safe this winter | thumbnail includes two photos of seasonal holiday animals and text 'how cold is too cold for my pet?'

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Pets Happy And Safe This Winter

Have a purrfect holiday season!
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twitter thread about a dog sitting on the couch | thumbnail includes two photos of dogs together say 'u let ur dog on furniture my dog' and 'it's his couch at this point'

Twitter Thread: Doggos Being Allowed To Sit On The Couch

Get off the couch doggon' it!
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news item about a dog who saved koalas | thumbnail includes two adorable photos of the service dogs

Heroic Doggo That Saved Koalas Receives Award

The bestest boy!
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Twitter thread about adorable old dogs| thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'Sometimes I just lie down on my walk so we don't have to go home yet and I can spend more time with you'

Twitter Thread: Seriously Cute Senior Doggos

Old Pets Rock <3
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a collection of Doge memes to celebrate the dog from the memes turning 16 years old | thumbnail includes one Doge meme and text saying 'such birthday, wow, happy we are'

16 Nostalgic Memes To Celebrate The Meme Doge's Sweet 16

Much Celebration
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video about an abandoned dog being rescued | thumbnail includes photo of the dog after being rescued and before

Dog Found Tied Up In The Mountains Is Rescued (Video)

There is a lot to consider before adopting a pet , the biggest factor of course being that you'll have to keep the dog or cat for life once you adopt it. Unfortunately, some people pay no heed to this, and end up abandoning their animals in dangerous places. Take this story for example, about a pet who was left tied up and abandoned on a mountain without anyone else. Such a sad story! Thankfully, if you click on the video, you'll see that this story has a happy ending. This video is an excellen…
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list of funny dog tweets | thumbnail includes two tweets saying 'When your human says who's a good boy and you know he's talking about you'

Pupper Medley: Compilation of Marvelous Doggo Memes and Tweets

Stay pawsitive with these fun memes!
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a video of a dog jumping around in a grassy field joyfully

Dog Jumping For Joy In Grassy Meadow (Video)

A Springer Spaniel Springing
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article for pit bull awareness month with photos and fun facts | thumbnail includes photos of three pit bulls and the text 'Pit Bull Awareness Month'

Pawsome Photos Of Pit Bulls In Honor Of Pit Bull Awareness Month

Doggos Worldwide
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12 dog memes from imgur | thumbnail includes two pictures of a dog 'In case you are having a bad day here's a dog sneezing'

Who Let The Dogs Out: A Doggo Meme Dump

Wholesome pupper humor.
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list of photos of dogs smiling and being happy | thumbnail includes two photos of smiling dogs, one is staring out at a lake

Puppers Pawsitively Bursting With Joy: Cute Photos Of Smiling Doggos

Happy doggos.
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video of a Sesame Street Character, Cookie Monster, helping a dog get adopted | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog with Cookie Monster on Sesame Street

Elmo Helps Doggo Find Forever Home

Some stories are so sweet they sound too incredible to be true. But get your tissues ready, because this incredible story about how a rescue dog found his forever home is truly a dream come true. Everyone has heard of Sesame Street, the children's tv show with cute little puppets, and one of that show's most iconic characters, Elmo, helped out an amazing dog shelter by discussing an adorable doggo who needs a home on television. A super cute doggo came onto the show for a cute short video, and…
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