I Can Has Cheezburger?


an awwdorable video of a dog seeing snow for the first time | thumbnail includes a photo of the dog witnessing snow for the first time

Adorable Dog Is Stunned By Snow (Video)

Let it snow!
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a compilation of awwdorable dogs staying toasty this winter | thumbnail includes two toasty boys on left side and an indoor good boy on the right

Toasty Boyz: Awwdorable Puppers Bundled Up For December

Doggon Cute Puppers
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pictures of dogs entangled in Christmas lights | thumbnail includes two pictures,  a small dog entangled in lights and big dog entangled in lights

Joyful Christmas Disasters With Dogs Entangled In Lights

When Christmas cheer goes too far
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a twitter thread about whether it's safe for your pet to sleep outside | thumbnail includes text saying 'This is where my girl sleeps. Where she belongs' and 'I had an old dog that preferred to sleep outside on the deck. She was welcome inside anytime'

Twitter Thread: Neighbor Has Their Dog Sleep Outside During Winter

Twitter has spoken.
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a funny twitter thread about taking your dogs to the bar with you | thumbnail includes text saying 'Can just say had best night my life taking my dog out dinner and drinks and 100% will be happening again xxxxx'

People Are Taking Their Dogs With Them On A Night Out And It's Incredible

(Good) Boys Night!
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an awwdorable greyhounds in sweaters photoshop battle | thumbnail includes two doggo photos

Greyhounds Ready For Winter: Super Cute Photoshop Challenge

An epic photoshop battle!
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a puppy learning to walk for the first time| thumbnail includes adorable photo of the puppy learning to walk

Adorable Puppy Learns How To Run (Video)

Your daily paw-sitive video!
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a story about a Redditor's cousin demanding money to pay for her dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'Is it wrong of me to want to put Christmas presents for my family above her dog, given her dog will at least have food from the money I am offering?'

Dog Owner Asks Cousin To Give Up Christmas Gifts For Puppy

Dogs before presents?
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a list of heartwarming and wholesome memes | thumbnail includes text saying 'Me, my blanket and winter' and 'ME AFTER MY PARTNER GIVES ME FLOWERS HE PICKED FOR ME'

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (December 6, 2021)

Pawsomely Wholesome
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a video about a litter of baby puppies getting rescued | thumbnail includes a photo of the baby puppies being rescued

Mama Doggo Overjoyed To See Puppies Safe

Nothing short of a miracle!
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a series of super funny dog memes | thumbnail includes two dog memes saying 'someone has explained something u 7 times and u still don't get and u hope they forgive stupid u are' and 'me when i realize i overreacted and was being a drama queen but it's already too late so i gotta keep my ground'

Rufftastic Dog Meme Dump For A Better Day

Woofing funny!
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a compilation of enormous dog photos and tweets | thumbnail includes three photos of enormous dogs

Just A Giant Dog Appreciation Post

Enormous floofers.
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a list of the coolest dog houses in the world, includes photos | thumbnail includes two photos, left is a doghouse in the woods, right is a doggy apartment inside of a storage closet

Photos Of Super Cool Doggy Cribz

Who let the dogs in?
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12 photos of enormous puppy litters, tons of puppies | thumbnail includes two photos of giant puppy litters

Prolific Puppers: Photos of Enormous Puppy Litters

Pawsome puppies.
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an original song 'adopt don't shop' | thumbnail includes a photo of the performer Tracy and her dog

The Adopt Don't Shop Song (Video)

Give a little doggy a second shot!
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a funny Twitter thread about dogs with eyebrows | thumbnail contains two photos of dogs with eyebrows and text 'dogs with eyebrows are super funny'

Twitter Thread: Dogs With Eyebrows

Pretty High Brow
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