I Can Has Cheezburger?



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What Do You Get When You Take Cute Pictures of a Pug and Add Silly Doodles? Mr. Georges!

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It's Not Easy Being a Pug

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A Musical History of Pugs

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Watch This Pug Nom on a Banana

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So Busted

pug ate all the bread
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Rocco the Pugtender Wants to Make You a Drink

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The Pugliest Dogs on Instagram

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Drink Away the Pain, Eric.

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I Saw You From Across The Park

gif of two dogs in christmas outfits
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A Pug Recreates Classic TV Openings by Turning Them Into Adorable Masterpieces With His Presence

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Warning: This Video of a Baby Meeting Two Puppies is So Cute it May Cause Your Heart to Explode

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Drake's Out of a Job Ever Since This Pug Stole His Moves

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He's Really Happy for a Ghost

dogs slimer halloween He's Really Happy for a Ghost
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Get It, Dog

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When Mom Says You Have to Wake Up, But You Are Still Tired

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