I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Love You, Food

food hug human hungry leg nom prey tiger yum - 5935635968
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Natural environment. Not so natural methods.

caption captioned cat domestic gun hunting prey - 5865551616
Created by djrcreative

Primitive Primate, Excellent Lighting

catch hunt leaf lemur prey - 5813213440
Created by Unknown


baby cat gifs Hall of Fame jump jumping kitten pounce pouncing Predator prey stalking - 5798310656
Created by Unknown

The Airport Gang,

best of the week big bird caption captioned cat catch Cats confused do want dumb gang Hall of Fame misinterpretation noms plane prey size - 5689374208
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acting like animals chameleon eating fly lunch Predator prey slow motion thief tongue - 5249229568
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caption captioned cat favorite hunter kitten lies prey toes unsuspecting wait - 5148425984
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acting like animals ninja nom ostrich Predator prey stalking stealth vegetable waiting - 4778653696
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Predator prey rottweiler silent sleeping stalking vacuum - 4495969536
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afraid Awkward bird caption captioned cat food noms prey question silence size stalking - 4370672896
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...stealthy...like a silent shadow...like a passing cloud...like...

box caption captioned cat FAIL Hall of Fame ignorant mouse prey see sneaking stalking stuffed animal - 4345565696
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attention chasing enemy excited field game Hall of Fame playing prey squirrel whatbreed - 4186903296
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attacking german shepherd mixed breed Predator prey running shouting squirrels - 4124241408
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The predator returns

chase dinner eat hunt mouse nom Predator prey - 6193264896
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Something Tells Me he Better Run....

chase cheetahs prey - 7837785856
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Acting Like Animals: Keep Your Eyes Peeled

acting like animals eyes FAIL human looking mice noms observing Owl prey Staring watching - 4922618368
Created by Unknown
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