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6 TikToks of a pregnant cat named Ellie | Thumbnail includes two photos of Ellie and an x-ray of her belly 'POV: Every night I stay up and watch her belly'

6-Month-Old Kitten Goes In To Be Spayed, Ends Up Announcing Her Pregnancy Via TikTok

There's a bun in the oven
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twitter thread about a bunch of people rescuing pregnant cats and adopting them and their babies | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat cuddling a bunch of kittens and one tweet 'Cat - www Frances and Family @francesandfam 8 months ago I brought Frances inside. 2 days later she gave birth. I never thought I could ever love anything as much as I love them. 6 cats was never part of my plans but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole world. Thank you for helping us all stay a family.'

Twitter Thread: Adopting Pregnant Cats And Wholesome Stories Of People Keeping Their Babies Too

Adopting whole feline families <3
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viral imgur thread about a cat unexpectedly giving birth on Easter | thumbnail includes two pictures of a mom cat lying with a bunch of newborn kittens 'Surprise Easter kittens! kittycrazy88'

In An Awwdorble Surprise, Cat Gives Birth During Easter, Goes Viral And Takes Over Everyone's Hearts

Going viral over and over and over again.
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3 pictures of a white and gray kitten that may be pregnant, 7 Reddit comments from thread discussing if the cat is pregnant or not | thumbnail features text that say "Is this cat pregnant or she's just gaining weight? She used to be skinny just month ago" and behind the text are two images of the cat, the left image is the white and gray striped cat standing on dirt and the right image is the white and gray striped cat eating kibble off the ground

Is This Stray Cat Pregnant or Just Fat? A Wholesome Reddit Thread We All Could Learn From

Is There A Doctor on Board?
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story about a couple fostering a pregnant cat | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with four kittens sucking it 'Yesterday my wife asked me how I'd feel about fostering a pregnant cat for a few weeks while she gave birth to and raised kittens. I was kinda busy so I mumbled "Sure, that would be cool someday." Well, I was greeted this afternoon by a very pregnant cat. I guess today is someday. Wish us luck. u/JephriB' 'Jade, the pregnant foster cat my wife brought home as a 'surprise' last'

The Wholesome Journey Of Fostering A Pregnant Cat And Helping Her Birth The Kittens

'It looks like the cat we were fostering ran out of ink as she formed these kittens.'
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story about a pregnant cat getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat hugging a kitten and another of five kittens

Good Samaritans Find An Abandoned And Neglected Pregnant Cat, Give Her A Safe Place To Give Birth

They took her into their own home <3
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story about a dog getting rescued and learning to love humans | thumbnail inldues two pictures of a dog and puppies

Abandoned Mother Beagle Births 11 Puppies, Finds Foster Home With Dedicated Volunteer

Yes, 11 of them.
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Story about a pregnant cat showing up with her two kittens at a person's doorstep and waiting to be rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat and kittens in front of a glass door and a kitten lying on someone's lap

Pregnant Cat Waits At A Door With Her Two Kittens, Asking The Humans Inside For Help

Two kittens and an unexpected extra surprise in her belly.
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stories of Pregnant Stray Cats Finding Forever Homes | thumbnail includes tweet from twitter saying 'A few days ago I fed this cat. Then she disappeared and suddenly appeared with her kitten'

Twitter Thread: Pregnant Stray Cats Finding Forever Homes

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a wholesome story of a feral cat giving birth to 6 kittens | thumbnail includes a photo of the cat and text saying 'Took in a feral cat. Named her Wednesday. She doesn’t like me much. Now she is about to give birth in my living room. It’s the first time she let me pet her.'

The Tale Of Wednesday The Rescued Feral Cat Giving Birth To 6 Kittens

More to love!
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12 images of pig pregnancy, piglets, about matilda the pig and birth story | thumbnail matilda and her piglets in woods

Pregnant Pig Escapes Farm And Gives Birth To A Whole Lotta Piglets In Nearby Woods

Maternal Instincts Kick In For This Piggy
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story about a cat who was abandoned in the middle of active labor getting rescued | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and kittens and a note 'Brown - Please help US Please help us!! y homans rere trash and &usholes'

Cat In The Middle Of Active Labor Found Abandoned Outside With A Note

Thank goodness she was found on time.
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12 pregnant cat images | thumbnail left pregnant cat lying down, thumbnail right pregnant cat from above visible large belly

Cute Series Of 12 Pregnant Mama To Be Cats That Have Had Enough

We humans know, even if not first hand, how exhausting pregnancies can be! It is a super emotionally and physically draining experience that can leave women just looking for the closest spot to crawl up and take a nap. Apparently, we see a similar phenomenon in pregnant cats! These tired mamas have not even started the hard part of parenting, but might as well get a head start on sleep! This cute series of pregnant mama to be kitty cats tugs at our heartstrings because it is so gosh darn relata…
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tumblr thread about a feral pregnant cat finding a forever home | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - sermna Follow There's a mama cat living in my garage named Felicia. When she first showed up she was almost completely feral. She knew humans dispensed food, and that was about as far as her trust and interest extended for many months. But y'all, she fucked up. She had kittens in my garage last May. She was at my mercy.'

Tumblr Thread: Pregnant Feral Cat Falls In Love With New Forever Home

Became a total cuddle monster <3
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viral imgur thread of animal pregnancies | thumbnail includes two pictures including a pregnant zebra and a pregnant beluga whale

What Pregnancies Look Like In The Animal World (Viral Thread)

Nature is incredible.
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video of a cat realizing its owner is pregnant and gently patting her belly thumbnail includes a picture of a cat touching a pregnant woman's belly

Gentle Cat Realizing That Its Human Is Pregnant (Video)

So gentle with the big belly..
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