I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Dare Say I Had a Bit of an Oopsie Daisy

poop sir funny - 7579197184
By Unknown

So Whatta-ya Say to Letting Me Have Some of That People Food?

poop threat funny carpet - 7534174720
By Unknown

Cheeky Guinea Pig

poop guinea pig funny - 7484686592
By ANGYPANGY (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Grumpy Bird

poop grumpy bird funny - 7519372288
By Unknown

I'm Sure You'll Find It

poop funny guilty - 7444023040
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Silly Rabbit!

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Love Looks Different to Dogs

poop comic love - 7431939840
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Rodents Like Practical Jokes Too

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All the Colors

poop crayons dog shaming rainbow pugs - 7196289280
Via Tastefully Offensive

Never Argue With a Hippo

poop revenge helicopter argument hippopotamus - 7102261248
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Bygones be Bygones Please?

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It's Becoming Sentient!

clean poop ferrets litter box - 7087420416
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Does That Answer Your Question?

woods raising your hand poop bears - 7088057344
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Overreacting Bunny Overreacts

bunnies poop carrots carpet - 7071946240
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Been Working at This One All Day

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Then We'll See How Funny this Game Is

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