I Can Has Cheezburger?


These Squirrels Look Like They're Politicians Having a Debate

these squirrels look like theyre politicians having a debate
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ads Cats commercials Mitt Romney politicians politics Video - 36830977

Animal Videos: LOLcats Get Political

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Politicians Before and After Elections

Before And After best of the week Cats elections Hall of Fame politicians politics Puss in Boots shred - 6078763008
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maine coon politicians politics Video - 34893825

Dirty Campaigning: Ad Attacking Hank the Cat

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And Canada

best of the week Canada france french hipsters Nicolas Sarkozy politician politicians Pundit Kitchen - 5210528768
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More of the Latter Than the Former

fat politicians Pundit Kitchen - 5251667200
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Texas? Again? Really?

george w bush impressions Mitt Romney politicians Pundit Kitchen Republicans Rick Perry - 5198262528
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If God Loved Them, He'd Have Given Them Monies

debate politicians poor Pundit Kitchen Rick Perry Ron Paul - 5182763264
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She May Be Undead, But at Least She's... Yeah, I Got Nothin'...

Congress Nancy Pelosi politicians Pundit Kitchen zombie - 5157107968
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черный лебедь

epic politicians Pundit Kitchen russia swimming Vladimir Putin - 5203075328
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So Much for Elephants and Their Amazing Memories

barack obama economy multipanel politicians politics Pundit Kitchen Republicans the office - 5200348416
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Don't Cry Out Loud! Just Keep It Inside, and Learn How to Hide Your Feelings!

politicians Pundit Kitchen Republicans Rick Perry Ron Paul - 5187747328
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Those Are Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work, Folks!

Funny picture of Obama with a fishing rod in The Whitehouse with staff in the background.
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The Butterball Hotline Can't Save You Now!

barack obama cooking Oval Office photoshopped politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5124130816
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I Do Love a Good Portmanteaubama

barack obama food politicians president Pundit Kitchen - 5051027968
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Second Grade Reading Level! Hooray!

celebration Michele Bachmann politicians Pundit Kitchen reading - 5115300096
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