I Can Has Cheezburger?


2 TikTok videos of a cat walking on stepping stones and 1 TikTok video of a cat walking on green grass | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat walking on stepping stones

Distinguished Gentleman Cat Alan Is Very Particular About Walking Down His Stepping Stones

He doesn't want to damage his hooman's garden, that's all
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A tiktok and 11 comments about an orange cat that politely asks his papa to be picked up and cuddled | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of an orange cat asking his papa to be picked up and a screenshot of papa holding the cat

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Cat Politely Asks Her Papa To Be Picked Up And Cuddled

So sweet and wholesome
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12 text based images of reddit discussion about dog eating habits | thumbnail blue background with text "From there he'll walk to my side of the bed peek to see if he's woken me up, then walk to my wife's side of the bed and peek to see if he's woken her up... then.. he'll take the absolute slowest bite of his food i.e: bite... crunch... crunch... crunch... after that he'll walk to both sides of the bed again to see if he's woken us up before taking another slow bite of food."

Discussion: Doggos With Strangely Adorable Eating Habits

There's no doubt that doggos are strangely adorable creatures. So, it makes sense that they would have equally strangely adorable eating habits! One dog owner took to reddit to discuss his silly doggo's super polite late night eating habits, inspiring other dog owners to chime in about their own doggos' polite (or not so polite) eating habits as well! We dog owners know that our sleep is precious, who else remembers those long nights when the doggo was just a pup, taking him out multiple times …
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adorable and polite raccoon asking for some treats - thumbnail of raccoon asking for treats

Trash Panda Adorably And Politely Asking For Treats (Video)

So incredibly sweet
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monkeys manners funny tweets viral video animals lol shopping | tweet by klara_sjo just a note shoppers notice how even monkeys only take what's needed?

Viral Monkey Video Displays Their Humane Manners

Unless us humans...
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good mannered cat

This Cat Will Impress You With His Very Good Manners

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polite ask pet Cats Video - 90075649

Adorable Cat Is Asking To Get Pet In The Most Polite Way

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Canadian Geese, eh?

accent canadian geese polite - 6508268544
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Your Kids Could Learn a Thing or Two From This Dog

gifs manners polite - 8211127296
Via ani625

A True Lady Knows to Cross Her Legs

Cats cute ladies polite - 8198384640
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Who Said Chivalry is Dead?

spiders manners door polite - 8001172224
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cute door manners Video polite - 56395009

Polite Dogs Wipe Their Feet Before They Come in

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At Least he Uses a Napkin...Sorta

food dirty carpet manners polite - 7910227712
By Unknown

Grandparents Expect Proper Manners

manners polite pugs - 7829771264
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Polite Panda

polite panda - 7400543488
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petting excuse me polite please begging Cats Video - 45709569

Please Sir, I Can Has Some More Pettings???

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