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Squee Spree: Platypus vs. Echidna

endangered platypus aquatic exotic echidna squee spree - 7869855488

Sleeping Baby Platypus

platypus sleeping - 7316876800
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Baby Duck Billed Platysquee

beaver duck duck bill platypus - 6440273152
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So Much Pun: Pleated Jeans Punimals

animals cat Cats dolphin dolphins double meaning literalism names Owl owls platypus puns - 6567818496
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Squee Spree: Mt. Platypus

lake platypus rock squee spree swimming - 6356924160

Daily Squee Classic: Pudgy Babies

Babies chubby fat Hall of Fame hands platypus squee squee spree - 6349735680

Squee Spree: Oh Hi There!

duck bill platypus squee spree underwater - 6345982976

Squee Spree: Duck Billed Winner!

duck bill platypus squee spree winner - 6345051136

Squee Spree: Platypus vs. Beaver

Battle beaver platypus squee spree - 6325170944

Found a Way Down?

baby animals down holding nope platypus - 5972644352
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Animal Capshunz: Platypus Humor

call cute duck noise platypus - 5978955264
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Around the Interwebs: 10 Awesomely Weird Platypus Videos

around the interwebs platypus the fw Video - 5947673600

Crocbilled Fattypuss

beak caption captioned cat fat platypus prefix pun tabby TLL - 5674262528
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2011 aardwolf alpaca armadillo Babies baby barn owl bear beluga whale best of bobcat bunny capuchin capybara cat coati dik dik duck fennec fox galago goat guinea pig harp seal hedgehog hippo jaguar kitten kiwi meerkat ocelot otter Owl panda piglet platypus prairie dog ptarmigan puppy rabbit reindeer sea turtle shrew sloth snowy owl squee spree sugar glider swallow swan tamarin tanuki Tasmanian Devil tiger wallaby weasel winners wolf zebra - 5573091584

Attach "Doodad A" to "Knick Knack C-3"... And FINISHED!

animals FAIL I Can Has Cheezburger instructions platypus reading ugly weird - 5145024768
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Thank God I had my camera handy!

caption captioned cat duck endangered literalism plate platypus pun seen - 5044787712
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