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 imgur thread about what makes platypuses cool | thumbnail includes a picture of a platypus swimming 'Phoebe the Platypus looks all cute because Platypus is all cute. However these back legs have a sneaky feature. The claws produce venom jonjohnjonjohn'

Platypuses Are Excellent And There Are Many Reasons Why (Viral Thread)

Platypuses are cooler than you know.
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video about platypus and platypus fun facts | thumbnail image of platypus with text "I may be the strangest mammal"

Fun Platypus Facts: Learn More About One Of The Strangest Mammals In The World (Video)

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platypuses glow under blacklight - thumbnail of platypuses glowing under blacklight

Platypuses Glow Under Blacklight For Some Unknown Reason

This is so cool
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dogs who have their snouts in shoes looking like a platypus - thumbnail includes two images one of a golden retriever in a shoe and one of a pitbull in a shoe

New Dog Breed Discovered: The Platypus Dog

Or "Shoebill" dog
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cute, animals, pets, aww

Here's Your Weekly Dose Of Cute! (#38)

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Platypi Are Cute

big lizard getting fingerprints taken and Tumblr jokes about why they are doing that
Via The humor train

Knowledge Is Power

duck beaver platypus venn diagram - 9223910144
Via Reddit

Anyone For Dessert?

funny animal image of platypus
Via MemeW

Brimming With Cute

platypus captions puns - 8570345216
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

Platypus Tale Makes a Good Platypus Teddy Bear

baby platypus ssleeping
Via Obese_But_Cute_Doxin

Don't Tell the Easter Bunny

easter platypus eggs true story - 8473561088
See all captions Created by tigerblossoms

The Two Cuties are the Best Kind of Handful

platypus cute - 8371352320
Via landlearnnsw

Are You a Duck or a Beaver

platypus - 8297640960
See all captions Created by PrettyKitty2222

Baby Platypus Needs a Sip of Milk!

Babies hungry platypus cute noms - 8286552320
Via LunaFairy

Baby Platypus Squee

Babies cute platypus squee - 8255302656
Via Energy-Dragon

Duckbilled Nap-ypus!

Babies platypus cute naps - 8133122048
Via Darlene Lewis
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