I Can Has Cheezburger?


Animal Capshunz: Everything According to Plan

captions drivers plan polar bear they suspect nothing traffic cone - 6559655936
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There's only one whole food I can think of

bag captions Cats mouse plan plot - 6513749248
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My dear fellow, your garbage can lids

evil garbage can plan raccoon - 6451620352
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All According to Plan

eating evil food plan plotting raccoon - 6354454016
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I just doing some macrame that's all.

butcher captions Cats mischief plan sausage secret string - 6416912128
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And Then You Can Strike!

act cub eating facepalm hiding plan polar bear shy strike - 6353705728
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Animal Capshunz: Best Laid Plans

beach elephant embarrassment faceplant plan water - 6330389248
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Animal Capshunz: Phase Two is Complete

best of the week captions deer evil Hall of Fame holding plan revenge tricked - 6400141568
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Intruder contained and by the way she now says she WAS your girlfriend.

defend girlfriend intruder litter plan protect - 6335232768
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Lolcats: Don't bother me.

blinds Cats destruction escape halp lolcats plan stuck trapped - 6314264064
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics evil explain plan - 6336148224
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Animal Capshunz: Almost There

almost escape lips orangutan orangutans plan start - 6139239936
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Animal Capshunz: Now That We Are Met...

cute evil gentlemen hamster plan plans take over the world wheel - 6008409600
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Escape Attempt #137

bad idea better bike escape FAIL plan - 5788888832
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Happy Groundhog Day!

baby Hall of Fame holiday plan - 5775207168
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caption captioned cat Cats cuteness first kitten little next patience plan rule then world world domination - 5736468480
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