I Can Has Cheezburger?


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This Dwarf Hamster Figured Out a Plan To Reach His Desirable Treats

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Scheming Otter's Plans Fall Into Place

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Sumfing diabolical I plots it.

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Who Would Have Known My Human Could Read?

Cats murder plot kill plan - 8482059520
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Awlways Make a Plan Befor Yoo Execyoot It

Cats jerk knock over plan - 8473936896
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Please Close the Rug and Leave Me

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Wait Right Here Fishes

plan stuck noms fish Cats - 8463334656
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In Teh Meentiem I Will Be Mobin' Sidewayz

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Puppy Huddle

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Back to the Drawing Board

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Nawt plannin owt ur nitemares.

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Ahhh, 1984. Dat Wuz a Bery Good Yeer for Colby!

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A Classic Kitteh Maneuver

plan adoption facade human comic love Cats - 6795788800
Via Awkward Andy

Then My World Domination Plans Can Begin

rat cuteness plan world domination evil - 6602859264
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Everybody go home to cry. I need nap.

Party balloon human Cats captions plan control - 6683507200
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cuteness deer friends plan teamwork treats - 6570549760
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