I Can Has Cheezburger?

pit bull

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This Pit Bull Uses One Easy Trick To Master His Fears

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That's a Fine Haul, Little Dude

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Definitely not a Filter Faker

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Everybody Has An Opinion

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The Couch is Available

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He May Be Handsome, But I Don't Like Him

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VIDEO: Puppy and Horse in Love

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This Happy Dog Puts the "Pit" in "Mud Pit"

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cute dancing Video pit bull - 62285825

This Pit Bull Can Dance Better Than You

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feels puppies pit bull Video rescue - 60335361

This Heartwarming Rescue of a Mama Pit Bull and Her Puppies

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Everyday I'm Treadmillin'

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The Committee

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Good Guy Pit Bull

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Lazy Hoomans

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I Has A Hotdog: Erriboddi be happi!

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I Has A Hotdog: My Favorite Breeds

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