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pit bull

Stolen dog gets reunited with family

Viral TikTok of a Stolen Dog Being Reunited With His Owner Should Be a Hallmark Movie

"He's like, 'mom, you would not believe what happened!.'"
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tumblr thread about why pit bulls are considered dangerous | thumbnail includes a picture of a pit bull and a pit bull puppy and one tumblr post 'Font - vet-and-wild Follow A lot of the pit bull fear is relatively new. I believe there was a TIME or Sports Illustrated article in the 80s/90s that specifically targeted pit bulls as dangerous dogs. GSDS, rotties, dobies, and even bloodhounds have all had their time as the trendy, "dangerous" breed. The dumb thing'

Tumblr Thread: Where The Fear Of Pit Bulls Really Comes From

Pit bulls don't even really make good guard dogs.
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video of a pit bull cleaning and grooming a ton of foster kittens | thumbnail is adorable photo of the dog cleaning the kittens

Awwdorable Pit Bull Cleaning Foster Kittens (Video)

It's Pit Bull Awareness Month!
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article for pit bull awareness month with photos and fun facts | thumbnail includes photos of three pit bulls and the text 'Pit Bull Awareness Month'

Pawsome Photos Of Pit Bulls In Honor Of Pit Bull Awareness Month

Doggos Worldwide
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video of dog begging strangers for food | thumbnail left dennis near stranger with brown paper bag, thumbnail right dennis hopeful for leftovers on a plate

Rescue Pittie Screams At Strangers To Share Their Food

Pitbull Knows No Social Boundaries When It Comes To Food
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smiling pit bull instagram cute adorable dogs doggo aww animals | adopted dog transformation cute dog smiling while wrapped up in a blue towel and smiling in her sleep on a black and white blanket

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Smiling Lady Shortcake

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pit bull hats star pittie animals cute adorable diy | make perfect star Credit:https www.reddit.com/user/utkarsb ayan funny dog wearing five pointy part hats around its head | I had just discovered party hats in my cupboard and I have a pittie it was meant to be

Nailed It: Imgur User Transforms Her Pittie Into A Star

This is what the internet was made for
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wholesome heartwarming video paralyzed dog gets wheelchair

Paralyzed Pit bull Gets a Second Chance Thanks to The Wheelchair Her Dad Built

Adorable Pit Bull is able to do everything thanks to her wheelchair
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dogs pit bulls cute

Pit Bull Appreciation Pics Because They're Important

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pit bulls with flowers on their heads

Photographer Captures Portraits Of Pit Bulls in Flower Crowns To Help Save the Lives of These “Dangerous” Dogs

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lenny rescue rip pit bull

Just Days After Patrick Stewart And His Wife Announced Their New Foster Dog To The World, He Sadly Passed Away

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disney stray cat animated pixar pit bull Animated Short short - 519942

"KitBull" By Pixar Is a Beautiful Short Story About Friendship

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Sad Animal Abuse pitbull pit bull story animals - 6533381

Pit Bull is Saved From Abusive Owner And Does a Full 360 Recovery

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viral videos pitbulls twitter cute tweets pit bull story - 5924869

Pit Bull Saves Mother and Baby After Their Home Catches Fire

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gifts the dodo cute beach sad story pit bull story - 5477893

Couple Gave Their Dying Dog The Best Vacation

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a photo of two firefighter and in between them is a baby pit bull covered in burns - cover for a story about a pit bull being saved from a fire and the firefighters adopting him

Firefighters Save Puppy From Burning Apartment, Then Adopt Him

On August 3 rd, firefighters of the City of Newburgh Fire Department in New York were called to the second floor fire of a three-story apartment building in downtown Newburgh. Once there, they were told by the residents that two puppies (pit bulls) were left behind.
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