I Can Has Cheezburger?


Petting An Owl

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By anselmbe

Squirrely Friend

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By Unknown
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I'll Just Pet Myself With the Dog's Paw

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That's a Good Kitteh, Eat Up

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Double The Fun

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By anselmbe


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This Adorable Dog is Instrumental to This Woman's Happiness in Life

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You're Mine Now, Dogs

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By anselmbe

You Found the Perfect Spot

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You're Not Done Yet!

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Look at Me... See This? Do This to Me...

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This Bunny is Sooo Cute...Until You Stop Petting Him!

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Mutually Beneficial Bongo Lesson

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By Unknown


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If it Feels Good, it Feels Good!

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By beernbiccies
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More Head Rubs, Please!

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