I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread about animal statues being shiny because people pet them so much | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog statue and one tweet 'Smile - Sam ... @korvys Oh, nothing. Just thinking about this carving of a dog, glowing gold from unknown thousands of pats from loving hands, over four and half centuries.'

Twitter Thread: Animal Statues Glowing Gold From Being Petted For Centuries

Loved even after passing <3
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16 gifs and and reddit text images | thumbnail dog in field of yellow flowers with reddit text foreground

Kids Should Ask Owners For Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Users Discussion

How many of you see a cute dog passing by and are immediately drawn towards him? You find yourself getting closer and closer until you are right next to this doggo. As you extend your hand in an attempt to pat just a little bit of this doggo's super impressive coat of awwdorable floof, his owner stops you right there. "Excuse me, I would really appreciate if you consulted my first before petting my dog. He can be very anxious and does not always respond well to strangers." And you're like, oh s…
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original animation of a senior cat learning to love its new adoptive parents thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sleeping and purring while being petted

Meowmoirs: Learning To Love Your New Furrever Parents

It might take time, but eventually, it'll happen.
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viral video of a cat asking its human to pet it thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat petting a human's head and another of a happy cat getting its head rubbed

Cat Softly Patting Human's Hand Asking For Head Rubs

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the third entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about petting and purring thumbnail includes a picture of a relaxed cat the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: Petting and Purring October 23, 2020 "Sometimes, and I shall share this only here, I even CANHAS CHEEZ RGER nuzzle them back.."'

Meowmoirs: October 23, 2020 Petting and Purring

The third entry of Earnie's journal
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pictures and tweets of happy cats getting chin rubs thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a ginger cat getting its chin rubbed and looking into the camera and another of a grey cat with its eyes closed in bliss lifting its chin while getting it rubbed

Cats Caught Mid Chin Rub Bliss

In case you need some happy cats on your timeline
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viral challenge dogs petting stop dog aww cute lol funny vids tweets twitter instagram reactions animals | Challenge: stop petting dog and see their reaction TKTOK woman holding her hand above a rottweiler's head

Viral Challenge: People Stop Petting Their Dogs And Film Their Reaction

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The Boy Who Pets Every Dog He Meets | Gideon young boy with long hair and wearing a black beanie and blue jacket cuddling petting dogs he meets and taking pics with them cute tiny rat terrier in pink collar, puppy golden retriever in pink harness tosa japanese mastiff, cute puppy akita with ears sticking up

11-Year-Old Boy Who Pets Every Dog He Meets, Urges Everyone To Do So On Valentine's Day

The Boy Who Pets Every Dog He Meets
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petting youtube Cats Video animals - 677382

Cat Petting 101: How To Become A Cat Whisperer

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petting brain research - 7691013

New Research Confirms: Petting a Dog Is Like a Drug For Our Brain

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reviews boy petting twitter rate - 5703429

This 9-Year-Old Loves To Pet Dogs And Tweets Fun Reviews About It

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petting guide How To Cats web comics - 5334021

Here Is a Hilarious How To Guide For Petting Your Cat

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Video about cats petting habits and preferences.

What's Your Cat's Petting Style?

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Petting Guidelines

petting guide pets - 9019563008
Via yiiuq45
petting pets unimpressed lol Cats Video - 84705537

Cat Is Totally Unimpressed With His Human's Affection

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Both Hands, Human. Both Hands.

petting caption Cats - 8771754496
By rcharbon
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