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a super cute thread on Twitter about penguins with afros | thumbnail includes tweet saying 'When were y'all gonna tell me that baby penguins have afros??'

Penguins With Afros Are Bringing Joy To The Internet

Protect Them At All Costs
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a funny roundup of penguin memes for national penguin day | thumbnail includes two memes with text saying 'take these with you, it'll be important in your quest'

Perfect Penguin Memes To Celebrate National Penguin Day

Penguin Peeps- This is for you!
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a video about penguins growing big and strong | thumbnail includes two photos of the penguins wading back into the ocean

Watch Penguins Grow Big And Strong (Video)

Happy Feet
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video of a baby penguin trying to make friends with other penguins | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby penguin

Tiny Shy Penguin Trying To Make Friends (Video)

The youngest and tiniest is trying its best.
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video of penguins' journey | thumbnail image of baby penguin chick cozy on dad's feet

Penguin Mama Races Home To Feed Her Chick (Video)

March of the mamas
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a bunch of facts about penguins | thumbnail includes text saying 'Recently discovered fossils indicate that an ancient breed of penguins once stood taller than the average adult man today at 5-foot-10.'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: WARNING This Article May Cause Immediate Need To Watch Happy Feet

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video of penguin washed up in new zealand | thumbnail left and right image of penguin on beach standing on sand near water

Confused Antarctic Penguin Washes Up In New Zealand, 2000 Miles From Home (Video)

You lost buddy?
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video of man helping penguin overcome water phobia| thumbnail image of penguin next to small tub of water

Kind Man Helps A Baby Penguin Overcome Her Fear Of Water (Video)

Overcoming fears, small penguin big world
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compilation of penguin memes, specifically memes about cartoon penguins from Madagascar | Thumbnail is two penguin memes, the first says 'When you're listening to someone speak and you can feel yourself zoning out.' The Second one says 'Say something smart, Kowalski! Coffee is just bean water...'

Slide Into The Week With Some Funny Penguin Memes

You'll be flipping out about the new lineup of brrrr-liant penguin memes we've put together for you. Yeah, we know, we have no chill when it comes to puns, but these penguins sure do! That's right, those super adorable penguins are also natural born comedians, or at least you'd think they were after reading this list of memes. 90% of these penguin memes are from the latest penguin-related meme trend. No, it's not penguins wearing backpacks , it's a meme format called "Say Something Smart, Kowal…
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10 pictures of cute baby penguins

10 Adorable Photos of Baby Penguins

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gifs of penguins slipping - thumbnail includes two screenshot of a gif where a penguin slips

Blooper Reel: Penguins Slipping (20 Gifs)

Clumsy but oh so cute
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It's OK, you'll get it next time!

When you don't pass the audition for National Geographic two penguins hugging consoling each other
Via @feelington_

Now, we'll be thinking about it...

i saw this documentary seven years ago and i think about this line every day all penguins have criminal tendencies
Via @TweetPotato
funny penguins penguin pictures memes lol hilarious | unclefather who ARE real penguin shouting at a stuffed penguin plush toy | ERMAHGERD PERNGWENS

Penguin Party: Hot Off The Press Memes

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cats standing up penguins cute aww adorable animals pics animals funny lol

Cats Who Make Excellent Penguins

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penguins bubbles cute aww adorable zoo animals bubble machine cheer up video youtube

Zoo Cheers Up Penguins With Bubble Machine (Video)

Penguins and bubbles
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