I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Watch Sea Animals Get in On the Halloween Pumpkin Fun

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A Wild Penguin Always Comes Back Home to Spend Time With His Rescuer

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These Baby Gentoo Penguins Would Like to Say Hello!

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Oh! Excuse Me, I Thought You Were a Rock

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Runaway Penguin is Picked Up by the Police

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Ooooh! That's It....

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Watch Out

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This Brand New Baby Penguin Is Happy and Healthy

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Excellent Service, A Little Slow

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This Penguin Pet Can Go Anywhere as Long as He Has His Backpack On

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I meant to do that

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They Probably Don't Have Many Frequent Flyer Miles Though

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Don't Even Try it

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Penguin Isn't Quite Ready to Go to Work This Morning

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Monday Morning

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