I Can Has Cheezburger?


Check the paper, you might be there. 

Morse Cat

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The Amazing Paper-Perforating Lovebird

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This and a bottle of Mountain Dew from the vending machine and you are ready to PAR-TAY.

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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Would You Believe It if I Said I Was Just Cleaning Up After the Dog?

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Classic LOLcat

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Birthday Shopping for Cats is the Easiest!

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Animal Videos: Kitteh Loves Paper

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Daily Squee: What's On My Head?

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Why do they call them readers?

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Classic LOLcat

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Nekts time

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so soft.so indulgent.

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Lolcats: BTW: Don't get 2-ply. 3-ply's way more fun!

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Party Animal

Cute picture of a real party animal turtle wearing a cone-shaped party-hat
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GIF: The Basket Monster

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