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a video of otters reacting to an earthquake | thumbnail includes a picture of an otter on its hind legs

Otters' Confused And Spooked Reactions To An Earthquake (Video)

A big spook for some confused cuties.
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a compilation of sea otter awareness tweets and photos | thumbnail includes

12 Incredible Sea Otter Facts In Honor of Sea Otter Awareness Week

Here at ICanHas, we truly appreciate exactly how awwwdorable sea otters can be. Sea Otter Awareness Week may have recently ended, but we believe that these amazing otters are worth celebrating, and chuckling at, year round. These cute, cuddly otters are an incredibly smart species, and also pretty awwdorable if we do say so ourselves. Sometimes the best way to learn more about an interesting species like sea otters is to scroll through informative tweets full of fun facts, with some super cute…
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video of otters snacking and relaxing in water | thumbnail right and left otters, one otter eating

Squad Of Sea Otters Cronching On Snacks (Video)

Awwdorable Otters Cronching And Relaxing
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video of otters eating meatballs at home | thumbnail left two otters with bucket of meatballs in middle, thumbnail right otter reaching into bucket of meatballs

Awwdorable Otter Sibling Duo Super Excited About Chicken Meatballs (Video)

Hiya folks! Today we stumbled across a little slice of cuteness in the form of a video of two otters getting excited for some chicken meatballs and felt obliged to share it with all of you! We've met this otter sibling duo before, these videos by YouTube user KOTSUMET always put a smile on our faces. KOTSUMET lives in Japan and owns two Asian Small-Clawed Otters named Hana and Kotaro. Hana and Kotaro aren't just randomly eating chicken dumplings, no, no. There is a very special reason for this …
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otters reacting to meeting a human baby for the first time | thumbnail includes a picture of an otter approaching a baby on the floor

Otters Super Excited By Meeting A Baby For First Time (Video)

Tiny meets tiny <3
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29 otter gifs | thumbnail left otter with toy, thumbnail right otter sleeping getting pet

Otterly Adorable Compilation Of Otter Gifs

Otters are pretty heckin cute and there's no argument there. They are the pup of the sea! Did you know that sea otters can live their entire life without ever leaving the water? What the heck! They also have the densest fur of any other animal on Earth! Unlike most marine animals, otters don't have any blubber to keep themselves warm. These aww-tterly adorable animals are so cute and cuddly and the absolute perfect gif candidates. There's nothing like a cute series of adorable otter gifs to get…
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video of baby otters practicing picking things up with their hands | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby otter trying to pick something up with its paws

Baby Otters Practice Picking Things Up With Their Paws (Video)

it's. just. so. difficult. to. use. hands.
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video of two otters trying cherries | thumbnail left otter with cherry in hands, thumbnail right otter with cherries being held above him

Awwdorable Otter Sibling Duo Reacting To Cherries For First Time

Otters React To Cherries
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video of two otters being introduced to popcorn maker | thumbnail left otter intrigued by smell, thumbnail right otter checking out fresh popcorn

Otter Reaction To Popcorn Maker

Startled Otters Inquisitively Investigate
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video of baby otters taking their first steps | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby otter in the palm of someone's hand

Itty Bitty Otter Babies Taking Their Frist Steps (Video)

So wiggly and cute.
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video of an otter on a weigh loss journey getting salmon for its cheat day thumbnail includes a picture of an excited otter eating salmon

Adorable De-Chonking Otter Super Excited About Salmon Cheat Day (Video)

The most excited otter EVER.
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video of an otter making adorable noises while asking for food thumbnail includes two pictures of an otter asking for food

Otter Making The Cutest Noises When Asking For Food (Video)

You are not ready for this one.
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10 pictures of cute baby otters

10 Adorable Pictures of Baby Otters

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steve the otter tweets - thumbnail of steve the otter kissing his foot "steve quietly kisses his foot in the bath whilst nobody is watching. Don't worry Steve. Your secret is safe with us."

The Proufound Thoughts And Actions Of Steve The Otter

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story about two orphaned otter cubs getting rescued thumbnail includes two pictures of two otter cubs held in someone's hands

Two Orphaned Otter Cubs Wandering The Streets Get Rescued

Awwdorable cubs get rescued.
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mother sea otter trying to get her baby to get into the water but the baby doesn't want to

Day Old Sea Pup Doesn't Want To Go In The Water (Video)

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