I Can Has Cheezburger?


bed tired otters Video sleepy - 81004033

Sleepy Otter Refuses to Get out of Bed

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These Otters Are Having a Better Summer Than You

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reunion otters happy ending Video rescue - 80494081

Rescue Workers Reunite a Baby Otter With Its Mother

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Hungry Otter Noms on a Healthy Lettuce Treat

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Rescued Baby Otters Squeal With Delight for Their Breakfast

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People Got to Swim With Otters and We Are so Jealous

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This Otter Has Some Impressive Rock Juggling Skills

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What an Otterly Adorable Way to Eat

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This Baby is Otterly Adorable

this baby is otterly adorable
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This Stretch is Otterly Adorable

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Watch an Otter Eat Ice, Get Brain Freeze, and Fall Asleep in Under Fifteen Seconds

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Watching This Baby Otter Cuddle Its Mama Will Give You All the Warm Fuzzies

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A Flotilla of Love For This 1-Day Old Otter Pup and Mother

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Budget Cuts

funny animal image of otter with water gun
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I Just Wanna Hold Hands

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River Otters Enjoy Some Snow

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