I Can Has Cheezburger?


106 Year old Grandmother became Youtube sensation because of her recipes - cover photo of her offering fruit juices right out of a watermelon.

The 106 Years Old Granny That Became A youtube Star Thanks To Her Bizarre Receipts

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old saving adoption sick Cats - 86278913

Woman Rescues 21 Year Old Cat Abandoned By Owner And Gives Him best remaining days

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My Heart Belongs To....

old never feel make caption ugly Cats - 8988038144
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I Can't BELIEVE The Time Went By So Fast!

old cat inside happened kitten what grumpy caption - 8981406720
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One of the Oldest Cats in the World Just Turned 31

old birthday Cats - 8981180416
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Faced with the specter of homelessness (recaption: http://tinyurl.com/j4upn8u

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old pack instagram senior chihuahua rescue - 941061

We Can't Get Enough of This Adorable Pack of Senior Chihuahuas

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Dry Humor

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Back In My Day...

stick old back caption hat - 8795217408
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Scooter is the New Oldest Living Cat at the Age of Thirty

scooter is the new oldest living cat at the age of thirty
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old Cats - 738309

Corduroy Is the World's Oldest Cat, But Still Acts Like a Kitten

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When Your Dog Pulled You in a Wagon, You Pull Him in the Same Wagon for Walks Later in LIfe

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My Dog is Getting Smart in His Old Age

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I Hope You Like the Taste of Candle Wax

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I Used to Fit in Half of Your Hand

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