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Drop into an Octopus's garden in the shade. Though it might take ten tickles to make an octopus laugh, you'll have a much easier time with these cephalopod puns and jokes.

Cute video of a very cute orange colored octopus.

Meet The Worlds Cutest Octopus

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octopus Video - 409095

Red Octopus Disappears Into A Mysterious Hole

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Is the Coconut Octopus the Smartest of All Invertebrates?

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GoPro close up octopus Video - 375047

This Footage of a Camera Getting Too Close to an Octopus Will Totally Suck You In

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Shy Octopus Isn't Ready for Her Close Up

Via OctopusFunFacts
squid ocean cute octopus googly eyes Video - 82007297

The Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid Is Proof That Not Everything That Lives in the Ocean Is Scary

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nature octopus Video - 79442689

Watch These Octopuses Change Color While Fighting

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octopus Video - 78678273

Meet the Newly Discovered Ghost Octopus

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This Tiny Octopus is Mesmerizing

gifs tiny octopus - 8601072640
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octopus seagull funny animals - 8586548480
Created by Desilee

Catchers - Keepers

animals baby octopus funny animals - 8587742208
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Big food ambitions!

octopus food funny animals - 8578212864
See all captions Created by Chris10a
ocean cute octopus science Video - 75395585

Watch an Octopus at Playtime

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cute science octopus Video - 74531329

Watch How an Octopus Can Disappear Into the Sand

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squid ocean octopus science Video - 74188289

Find Out How Color Changing Animals Like Cuttlefish and Squid Work Their Magic

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gifs shy cute octopus - 73820929

This Octopus Is a Little Camera Shy

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