I Can Has Cheezburger?


Drop into an Octopus's garden in the shade. Though it might take ten tickles to make an octopus laugh, you'll have a much easier time with these cephalopod puns and jokes.

13 tweets regarding octopus anti farming | thumbnail image of red/orange large octopus swimming in clear blue water with tweet text "the brain of a common octopus has 500 million neurons. making it as smart as a dog or a three year old child"

A Thread Against Octopus Farming: Highly Intelligent And Worth Preserving

Octopuses are as intelligent as small children
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viral tweets about octopuses punching fish for no reason other than spite thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - mark the herald angels sing O @markhoppus 000 Scientists have discovered that, on occasions, an octopus will ‚Äúpunch" a fish for no reason other than "spite". 5:59 PM Dec 23, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 49.8K Retweets 5.9K Quote Tweets 337.8K Likes'

Study Discovers That Octopus Sometimes Punch Fish For No Reason (Viral Tweets)

And twitter loses it.
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very cute little yellow cephalopod octopus acting shy hiding behind its tentacles

Tiny Shy Yellow Squid Hides In Its Own Tentacles

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This little guy was returned to the ocean right after!

Walked back to the condo and was cleaning the shells hazel got and found this little guy. snapchat of a tiny squid
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A Magnificent Video Of The Female Blanket Octopus Displaying Her Stunning Webbing When Threatened | blanket octopus with colorful transparent skirt pink orange purple white shades deep water ocean creature tropical rainbow ghost alien iridescence

Magnificent Video Of The Female Blanket Octopus Displaying Her Stunning Webbing When Threatened

Female Blanket Octopus
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The greatest photographer

cool octopus selfie funny - 9391073536
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youtube sea life octopus plastic home Video - 788998

Diver Helps Convince Octopus To Abandon Plastic Cup And Move Somewhere Better

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octopus tumblr posts

Tumblr Posts To Celebrate World Octopus Day

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nature colors dreaming octopus amazing animals mesmerizing - 740614

Marine Biologist Films Octopus Changing Colors While Dreaming

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aww tiny cute cute photos octopus - 7597573

These Tiny Baby Octopuses Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Day

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octopuses are so smart

Mini-Thread On Tumblr Makes People Fall In Love With Octopuses

This mini-thread will have you agreeing, and smiling at just how smart octopuses really are.
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nature cool octopus camouflage Video - 455686

This Octopus Camouflaging Is One Of The Coolest Things We've Ever Seen!

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funny headline about animals

A Seal Slapped a Kayaker In The Face With An Octopus

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octopus funny - 4746757

Twitter Users Are in Shock When They See How Octopuses Are Born

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Cute video of a very cute orange colored octopus.

Meet The Worlds Cutest Octopus

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octopus Video - 409095

Red Octopus Disappears Into A Mysterious Hole

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