I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about a bear cub getting rescued thumbnail includes one picture of a bear cub

Rescued Lost And Injured Bear Cub Will Be Released Into The Wild After Winter

Thank you to the wonderful people who helped it!
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story about two kittens being rescued from getting crushed in a recycling plant thumbnail includes a picture of two newborn kittens with their eyes closed

Two Newborn Kittens Rescued From Recycling Plant

Moments from being crushed, they were saved.
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collection of the most positive animal news stories of December 2020 thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a dog with prosthetic hind legs wearing a medal and another of two tiny possums sitting on someone's fingers

Thirty Most Positive Animal News Stories Of December

Only good news.
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collection of the most positive animal news stories of 2020 thumbnail includes a smiling man surrounded by dogs and a roaring baby mountain lion | To remind everyone that 2020 wasn't all bad.

Forty Most Positive Animal News Stories Of 2020

To remind everyone that 2020 wasn't ALL bad.
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story about a dog who was reunited with her owner after three years apart thumbnail includes one picture of a girl hugging her black dog

Seizure Dog Missing For Three Years Reunited With Owner

“I feel like I’m in a dream right now”
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kaavan the world's loneliest elephant is now at a sanctuary in cambodia | singer Cher in sunglasses and a face mask holding up a sign that reads "CHER KAAVAN"

Icon Cher Helps Rescue Kaavan, "World's Loneliest Elephant," From Pakistan Zoo

He's being transferred to a sanctuary
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funny classic and new dog memes - thumbnail of dog making a mess in the kitchen "follow me for more recipes" and two dogs "mom...can i ask you something without you getting angry?"

Doggo-Mania: Classic And New Doggo Memes

Oh boi, oh boi
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engineer who was a part of Amazon's Alexa has created an app that translates cats meows - thumbnail of cat beside the app on a large demo screen

Former Amazon Engineer Creates App That Translates Cats Meows

From Alexa to MeowTalk
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wholesome animal headlines of 2020 - "shelter helps older dogs get adopted by dressing them up as "senior petizens"" "this sanctuary rescues special needs animals and connects them with special needs kids"

2020 Wholesome Animal Stories

2020 wasn't ALL bad
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five parrots are separated after egging each other on to say offensive words - thumbnail of a grey parrot

Five Swearing Parrots Separated After Egging Each Other On

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youtube video of news bloopers of 2020 - thumbnail of cat video bombing a news reel

Working From Home News Bloopers Featuring Animals (Video)

So funny and so cute
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orca Tahlequah calf mother animals heartwarming tearjerker heartbreaking animals motherhood baby aww life story news

Tahlequah, Orca Who Previously Lost Calf, Is A Mother Again

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cats caturday funny memes lol aww cute cat animals humor fresh new | Cat Panties. black cat stretched between a person's feet like pulled down underwear | My cat any time use bathroom wanna be room where happens

Blasting Off With Caturday Madness (32 Cat Memes)

Commencing countdown, engines on
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positive happy news animals uplifting earth wholesome | While India is on lockdown, hundreds thousands undisturbed sea turtles came ashore first time years lay 60 million eggs Happy Broadcast | People are turning dogs, cats and chickens cope with self-isolation. Animals shelters go empty after every animal gets adopted amid outbreak Happy Broadcast

Happy Broadcast Illustrates All The Happy News (Animals)

Happiness all around
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news cat weatherman betty lol funny cute aww | weather report man cuddling cat during broadcast | 11:51 PM Mon Apr 13 9 71% Peoria LIma rian Lafayette FROST/FREEZE WARNINGS Sprma Muncir 14 ALERT FIRST EZE Dauton Type: Freeze Warning Until: Tuesday 9:00 AM CDT Watch ute sday 9:00 AM EDT cmati Cngnam St. Louis Maysville Mt. Vernon Carbondale 14 FIRST ALERT BETTY WEATHER CAT Londc Paducah

Betty, The Weather Cat, Makes It To The Big Leagues

Go Betty!
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koalas rescue firefighters australia american crash fires bushfires rescued honoring news sad heartbreaking | photos of three men who perished while on duty in australia one wearing a headset one in a military jacket and one on the beach

Rescued Koalas Named After Fallen Firefighters During Australia's Wildfire

Both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
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