I Can Has Cheezburger?


10 images from a Global News Canada News Story about a family of cats who took a household blender box hostage | thumbnail features three side by side images, on the left there are two black cats sitting on two blender boxes with an orange cat in the foreground, in the middle the cat is on one box and the black cats sit in front, on the right a woman cooks & black cat stands on the box, overlaid text reads "B.C. cats claim Vitamin box as their "fur-ever" home in days-long standoff with owners"

Tense Blender Standoff Ends In Hilarity For Canadian Couple And Their Cats

Put The Blender Down, and Nobody Gets Hurt
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10 images of different Presidential pets | thumbnail features two side by side images, on the left is Willow Biden walking around the White House grounds, on the right is Socks Clinton riding around on President Clinton's shoulders

In Honor Of First Cat Willow Biden, Lets Take A Trip Down Memory Lane: Politicians And Their Pets

Hail To The Chief, And Their Pets
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video about man and his journey, donkey sanctuary | thumbnail image of man embracing two donkeys white and brown

Former VP Opens Donkey Sanctuary Amidst Tumultuousness (Video)

Donkeys need love too
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video about couple, insurance company cancelled them bc of pitbull | thumbnail image of pitbull brown

Ridiculous Insurance Company Cancelled Couple’s Policy Because Of Their Pitbull (Video)

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video of scientific discovery ghost shark | thumbnail image of ghostly shark

Scientists Find Baby ‘Ghost Shark’ With Striking Ghostly Appearance (Video)

An amazing discovery
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A true story about a cat getting caught inside an armchair and donated to the thrift store by mistake | thumbnail shows two photos of the cat caught in the chair

Happy Ending For Cat Who Hid In Armchair & Got Donated To Thrift Store By Mistake

What a close call!
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video about dinosaur egg embryo recently discovered southern china | thumbnail black background with digitalized dinosaur egg embryo

Perfectly Preserved 72 Million Year Old Dinosaur Embryo Discovered In Southern China (Video)

Truly awesome
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a funny news story about a foul mouthed crow befriending an elementary school | thumbnail includes a photo of the crow and text 'Friendly, foul mothed crow befriends entire oregon elementary school' along with text 'oh my god??? This is the only Christmas miracle I care about???'

Talking Crow Gets Escorted Out Of Elementary School After Swearing Too Much

Bird of the year!
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video explaining impact of seaweed on cattle feed | thumbnail image of cows on farm

Scientists Say Seaweed May Save The World From The Toxicity Of Cow Farts (Video)

Seaweed?! Say whaaaat
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video of penguin washed up in new zealand | thumbnail left and right image of penguin on beach standing on sand near water

Confused Antarctic Penguin Washes Up In New Zealand, 2000 Miles From Home (Video)

You lost buddy?
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news item about a dog who saved koalas | thumbnail includes two adorable photos of the service dogs

Heroic Doggo That Saved Koalas Receives Award

The bestest boy!
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story about three men rescuing a pregnant cat who was falling off of a building, and winning over $13,000 in Dubai | thumbnail includes one picture of the pregnant cat falling out of the balcony and one of the men who saved her, text blow, 'Dubai: meet the heroes who saved a pregnant cat and impressed Sheikh Mohammed'

Strangers Come Together To Rescue Pregnant Cat Falling Off Of Dubai Building: Later Win Over $13,000

Several strangers in the Emirate of Dubai heroically worked together to save the life of a pregnant cat. People along one of the city streets spotted the cat dangling from a balcony, dangerously close to falling. Three men, who did not know one another prior to the incident, miraculously worked together using a bedsheet to create a soft landing for the cat, who fell shortly after. Together, the men rescued her from injury or death. The men, who were identified by the Khaleej Times as Ashraf, At…
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story about a reverse zoo with people in cages and lions watching them from the outside | thumbnail includes a picture of a lion walking up to a group of people in a cage

'Reverse Zoo' Puts Humans In Cages So Lions Can Watch Us For Once

Please, can we go?
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12 images and tweets related to loose porcupine | thumbnail tweet foreground background image of loose porcupines two small animations to right

Firefighters Spot Porcupine On The Loose In British Village

Uh oh!! In one British village, a prickly porcupine was found on the loose out and about, giving the locals quite a fright. Porcupines are not native to this area which caused many to suspect that it escaped from a neighboring area. We wonder where this guy came from and how he found himself in Cambridgeshire! "Firefighters did a 'double take' when they spotted a porcupine on the loose in a village. The prickly chap is thought to have escaped as the animals are not native to Cambridgeshire. Fir…
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story about a cat with four ears getting adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat with four ears 'Rescued Cat Born With 4 Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home'

Rescued Cat Born With 4 Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home

Different and beautiful <3
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story about cockatoos opening up trash cans by themselves | thumbnail includes a picture of a cockatoo lifting a trash can lid 'There could be multiple explanations for this activity. It can be mischief just for the sake of it, or just plain curiosity Professor Kaplan'

Beware: Cockatoos In Australia Have Officially Learned How To Open Trash Bins

They're. Taking. Over.
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