I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral tiktoker creates catchy songs to animal noises

Viral TikToker Duets with Cats and Dogs to Make Catchy Tunes

Wait until you hear the “Kitten Song” and the “Cat Song”!
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Viral cat trend on TikTok reminds them they were worshiped in ancient Egypt

Cats Are Remembering Their Time Being Worshipped in Ancient Egypt with this Trending TikTok Sound

Are all cats just gods in hiding?
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a compilation of cute photos of tuxedo cats | thumbnail includes three photos of adorable tuxedo cats

21 Tuxedo Cats Full Of Love To Give

Black and white and loved all over.
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a funny twitter thread about cats training their humans to do things| thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'My best girl learned that if she meowed very loudly from another room that I would literally run to her to make sure she was ok. If I didn't come fast enough, she would workshop the meows until it worked, sounding more and more injured'

Cats Training Their Hoomans: Hissterical Twitter Thread

To cats, we're all just two-legged babies.
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a list of funny cat tweets from this week | thumbnail includes a tweet saying 'The fact that cats made their meows sound more like human baby cries to manipulate us into taking care of them is one of the things I respect most about cats. Good job you literal demons'

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (November 12, 2021)

Hissterical Tweets
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30 pictures of cats sleeping in random places | thumbnail left white cat sleeping between printer paper, thumbnail right cat sleeping on black office chair

30 Cute Cats Sleeping Cozily In Weird Positions

Good night moon
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collection of spooky cat photos and tweets | thumbnail includes two photos of cats being spooky and the text 'send me pictures of your cats being spooky'

Smol And Spooky Cats Embracing The Halloween Spirit

Trick or cat treat!
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a Tumblr thread about how a stray cat learned to meow after being rescued | thumbnail includes text saying 'This post led reminisce on nature cat's meowing, and have funny story/I befriended a feral cat once who had spent her life in the forest without human interaction. I was worried about her because she had a paw damaged from an old injury and was emaciated but obviously nursing kittens that were hidden away somewhere

Tumblr Thread: Awwdorable Rescue Cat Learns To Meow

I Can Has A Meow?
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list of 15 pictures of cats with teeth out | thumbnail left picture of cat sleeping with teeth out, thumbnail right picture cat yelling with teeth out

Kitty Teefies: Tiny Teefies And Big Personalities

Lil Kitty Teefies Caught On Camera
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tiny rescue kitten makes cute little sounds - thumbnail of tiny cute kitten

Tiny Kitten Makes The Cutest Little Noises (Video)

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tumblr thread about a cat who doesn't know how to meow thumbnail includes a picture of two orange cats with the caption 'Text - Simcoe (left) and Citra (right), both girls. Both rescues. Both biological litter mates (sisters). Both long term loving projects to teach human trust to. Simcoe got 100% of the meowing capabilities.'

Tumblr Thread: Cat That Is Really Bad At Meowing

Some cats just don't know how to cat.
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the fourteenth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat thumbnail includes a picture of a cat rolling around in catnip the title of the entry and a quote from it 'Organism - Meowmoirs: Catnip January 1, 2021 Are the humans just big cats? Should I try to eat the fake plant? Is ICAN HAS CHEEZ BURGER the red dot even real?'

Meowmoirs: Catnip (January 1, 2021)

"Suddenly, I have the speed of a God."
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viral video of a kitten angrily yelling at water

Kitten Accidentally Touches Water And Angrily Yells At Water Bowl (Video)

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engineer who was a part of Amazon's Alexa has created an app that translates cats meows - thumbnail of cat beside the app on a large demo screen

Former Amazon Engineer Creates App That Translates Cats Meows

From Alexa to MeowTalk
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tumblr story of a human who befriended a cat who doesn't meow - thumbnail of the beginning of the thread  "the purest form of serotonin is when a cat looks at u and u go like "what?" and it meows at u" like is very unspecific response sill have no idea want but applaud adorably meowed all same, well done moderngargoyle Follow This post led reminisce on nature cat's meowing, and have funny story befriended feral cat once who had spent her life forest without human

Wholesome Tumblr Story Of A Cat Who Doesn't Meow

Funny and wholesome all in one
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lion tries to roar squeak meow cute aww adorable fluffy wholesome video cub

Lion Cub Tries Roaring And Squeaks Instead

Trying its best to roar, this lion cub meows like a kitten
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