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pictures of cats making various faces | thumbnail includes two pictures including a bored-looking cat sitting in a basket and a closeup of a surprised-looking cat 'Lets Play: Mad, Annoyed Or Just Making A Face'

Black Cats Giving ‘The Stare’: Chaotic Moments Of Cats Being As Expressive As Their Humans

How many do you think you can get right? Post your answers in the comments.
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25 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Cat', 'Mammal - Tell me why your cat was mad at you recently. I'll start: I used an unscented cat wet wipe to clean her tail up after she peed on it.' and 'Organism - Gold_Ad_4355 5 mo. ago Screaming at me cuz I was cooking lunch and didn't have time to "take him to bed" - yes thats right, everyday he screams around 12pm demanding I accompany him into the bedroom, so he can take a nap on my bed, but I have to be there for'

25 Cat Owners Describe The Ridiculous Reasons Why Their Cats Are Mad At Them In Hilarious Reddit Thread

Some overly fussy felines
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12 pictures of annoyed looking cats | thumbanil three panels side by side annoyed cats

Annoyed Cats Whose Facial Expressions Say That They Have Had More Than Enough Of Your Human Nonesense

Enuff already
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17 screenshots from a Reddit post where someone posted their grandpa's grumpy and judgemental looking cat 'This is my Grandpas's cat. He doesn't bite, scratch or hiss, he judges. That ain't your grandpa's cat that's your cat's grandpa'

Someone Showed A Picture Of Their Grandpa's Grumpy Cat That Looks Like A Grandpa Himself

He's not angry, he's disappointed
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40 images of angry animals | thumbnail left angry duckling thumbnail right three angry chickens looking at camera

40 Angry Animals Who Have Had Enough But Still Look Adorable

Series of animals who have mastered looking angry and adorable at the same time
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animals husbands and wives

Animals Too, Have To Deal With Their Mad Wives (14 Memes)

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a funny meme of a cat knocking on the door asking to come inside - cover for a list of cats wanting to be let inside now

16 Cats That Want To Be Let In. NOW!

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A cat that seems to have clearly had enough of their owners behavior - cover for a list of cats who are going crazy

Cats Have Clearly Had Enough Of Their Owners Antics (16 Funny Photos)

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We'll Get You for This, Human

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Via schwenty_seven_heif

If I Were You, I'd Back Away Slowly.

kitten be afraid mad caption getting - 8983651072
See all captions Created by pearlgoodwin12

All My Creativity, Flushed Down the Drain...

about what mad caption away throw - 8812864512
See all captions Created by Booboo22

This Table is My Domain

gifs mad Cats - 8551740672
Created by Snake73

Hamtaro Is Back!

mad hamster - 8491818240
See all captions Created by Bluepanther1984

Time To Double Check Your Insurance Coverage

cat evil fury hat hate lolcat mad - 6048876800
See all captions Created by momofzoo

Is our Bed

bed pets mad funny - 7627974144
See all captions Created by Angel11601

LALALALALALA. Not Listening!

mad Cats funny - 7442816512
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