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An article with 4 TikTok videos of big cats reacting to catnip | Thumbnail includes a jaguar and two lionesses with catnip

Tank The Jaguar And Binta The Lioness Try Catnip For The First Time

Big cats like catnip too!
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tumblr thread about a tug of war game between three professional wrestlers and a lioness | thumbnail includes two pictures including three man holding one side of a rope and a lion holding the other 'ordinaryredtail Follow For anyone wondering, this is amazing enrichment for the animal and a great way to involve guests! The lions aren't forced to play with the rope if they don't want to, and these guys (and anyone else who tries this out) have an awesome close up and hands on experience, all wi'

Tumblr Thread: Tug Of War Between Lioness And 3 Professional Wrestlers

Guess who wins.
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lioness pride reunited video family animals youtube beautiful life africa lions lost found

Lioness Finds Her Pride After Being Separated For Days (Video)

Reunited and it feels so good
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lioness toddler youtube zoo pounce Video - 570374

This Lioness Creeps Up Behind Toddler At The Zoo In Crazy Viral Video

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lion steals camera

Lioness Steals Photographer’s Camera And Gives It To Her Cubs As a Toy

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I Bet You Kill at the Comedy Shows

animals lioness laughter caption funny - 8415948032
See all captions Created by sjpeter1

I Caught It!

lioness baby cub lion squee - 6701795840
Via Wildlife Photography Andy Rous

Australian Zoos Help Animals Beat the Heat! With Frozen Dairy Products! Yay Frozen Dairy Products!

lioness news hot summer ice cream lion - 6955400704
Via Daily Telegraph

Mooom! You're Embarrassing Me!

lioness lions baby cub grooming tongue mommy squee - 6621639424

Mama Will Protect You

lioness lions baby cub mommy squee hug - 6516998912
Created by sixonefive72


crazy husband lion lioness love relationship wife - 6035254016

Relationships Are Fun!

angry dating lion lioness lions marriage multipanel relationships yelling - 6036542720
Via I Raff, I Ruse
best of the week close endangered experience face off Hall of Fame lion lioness photographer story Video - 35526657

Face-Off With a Lion

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Animal Capshunz: Beta Test in Progress

big cat big cats caption cars laying down lioness lions roads tired Traffic Jam - 5853592064
See all captions Created by RainbowMaus

What? Making Them Drop Dead at the Sight of You?

best of the week Hall of Fame ladies man lion lioness lions women - 5848726272
See all captions Created by MJKittyMom

Acting Like Animals: We Need This For Evidence, Ma'am

acting like animals camera evidence lion lioness - 5656898304
Via Bunny Food
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