I Can Has Cheezburger?


The Purrensic Scientist Backs Me Up

captions Cats couches lies murder pillows suffocation suicide - 6527025920
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The Dirty Truth

best of the week Hall of Fame lies neutering puggle - 6427756800
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Srsly, That Stuff's Disgusting!

captions Cats chocolate guilty lies lolcats lying messes messy - 6434955264
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I Has A Hotdog: Not Saying It Was Aliens, But...

Aliens best of the week boston terrier captions destruction Hall of Fame it-wasnt-me lies mess messes - 6363890688
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I Has A Hotdog: Chupacabras

captions destruction golden lab it-wasnt-me lies mess messes - 6306368000
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Hum a Little Tune in Celebration of World Music Day!

false hummingbirds lies lyrics Music wat wrong wtf - 6356659456
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Worst Birthday Ever

alone Balloons birthdays Cats lies lolcats lonely parties Sad - 6346089216
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My, Mittens, What Big Everything You Have...

big cats Cats cougars doors let me in lies mittens - 6335770624
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It Could Have Been Anyone. Anyone But Me, of Course...

best of the week destruction disasters guilty lies messes - 6331808512
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I Has A Hotdog: This is Why I Hate Online Dating...

Awkward belly rubs best of the week Hall of Fame lies online dating terrier - 6234933760
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I Did Not Know, But Now I Do!

crying cuddles did you know false lies Memes misunderstood sharks tears - 6284399360
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Cats: Harnessing the Power of the Sun Since Forever

Cats did you know lazy lies sun sunbeams sunlight - 6276878336
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Animal Capshunz: I Don't Care What You Think it Looks Like!

attack best of the week crash excuses FAIL fall falling ground Hall of Fame lies panda panda bears slide slides trying - 6195878656
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I Has A Hotdog: Kitteh? Wat kitteh?

best of the week cat Cats Hall of Fame lab lies lying sitting - 6145771776
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I Has A Hotdog: Busted!

best of the week computer dirty Hall of Fame lies pug pugs - 6120365568
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Animal Capshunz: No More Rhymes Now, I Mean It!

best of the week eating food guilty Hall of Fame hide lies peanut peanuts squirrel squirrels - 6103461120
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